Dolls on the way!

I asked you for dolls... as I said, here you can only find dolls with very light skin color and I want the children to identify with their dolls so... a girl in Sweden asked her mother if she could help by baking and giving her Christmas present to this instead of getting a lot of presents herself...
She and her friends collected money and sold bread and did all sorts of contributions to be able to buy some dolls.
First they thought they could buy maybe four dolls, than they added some more...
and finally they have now told me they are sending 13!!! dolls. Isn´t that fantastic!!! Thank you so much!
Now I will keep an eye on the three packages on their way with the Swedish postal service...
It will take a month for them to get here, so pray that they will arrive unopened and undamaged :)
Again, thank you for sharing these childrens life in Rwanda and Burundi
These photos cannot be shared without permission by Sponsorship Secretary.
Photos and Copyright: Helena Andersson


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