Play time at Catherine Booth preschool

We visited Catherine Booth preschool yesterday - oh, what a joy! They were singing the
number song when I came, "one and two and three..."
The Children had some time for outdoor playing so they ran, played with toys
They used the swing and climbed the new wooden balance play equipments.

So of course we did a photo shoot :)  Smile!
The tricycles areused with much laugh and happy faces.

All Children want to use them... so a couple of minutes each, then they switch driver...

Some of the girls showed me their Babies and pretended to be mothers.
Please, me too, take photo of me too! Look at my baby :)

In two weeks this school year will be over. In Catherine Booth preschool we have 27 
six year olds that will "graduate" and get their preschool diploma.

In January they will go to Primary school and we will receive new three-year
olds to the preschool.
Have a wonderful day, all sponsors, we thank you for all the new playground
equipment and toys!

Anna-Maria/ Sponsorship Sec
Photos and text Anna-Maria Tuftstrom/The Salvation Army Rwanda and Burundi Command
All use of text and photos allowed only within the Salvation Army


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