A much anticipated welcome!

Yes, oh, how we have prayed and hoped - and it has now come true! Thank you, Lord!
On Thursday late night,we finally received the Captains from Kenya West Territory.
So today we greeted them both at the section Sunday meeting at Kigali Central Corps.
After we sat down and enjoyed a soda together, before going for a late lunch in the city.

Captain Violet is the new Sponsorship Secretary and will now move in to my office and
take care of all sponsorship and sponsorship projects. I and my husband will end our
deployment and return back home to Sweden some time in June, date is still not set.

Captain Violet is a blessing come true!.
This means that all of our Salvation Army donors in other contries will be able to have a
contact here that can run all projects and develop child sponsorship in the Rwanda and
Burundi Command :)

Captain Leonard is a blessing come true, too!
He will be the Finance Secretary and that will help us so much also. He can
assist with all administration and accountability for projects so we can do right by our donors
and do the very best we can to do "transparancy and accountability".

A presentation will come, have patience, dear sponsors, we will be right back- First we will
introduce the Captains to their work during this week and after that, some changes and more
info will be done on the blog.

Text and photos copyright: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used by permission to promote Sponsorhip within the Salvation Army media. Send an e-mail
if you need high quality photos.


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