Happy Sponsorship Year 2014!

Now we have prepared the Calendar from some seconds of the Sponsorship work here in Rwanda.  We have an open .docx where you can change language and fonts (we have used Albertus Medium in the original)  or a .pdf
Just e-mail us and we will send it to you :)
you can download a .pdf  here via mediafire:
Here is some info about the photos from the calendar:
Photo 1: Dedication of the multipurpose hall in Rubirizi where the preschool children finally have a good environment for their playing and studying.
Photo 2: John Gowans preschool drummer boys in Rwimiyaga. They wanted to buy
drums and practice for a local competition between all preschools in the area. They did
very well and competed even at regional level.
Photo 3: A child at Rutobwe preschool holding one of the african dolls that a young girl
sent them all the way from Sweden.
Photo 4: Leadership in Rwanda and Burundi Command; front row from the left:
DSWM Major Annett Musamali, CSWM Major Elianise Clenat, OC Lt Colonel Seth Appeateng,
CPWM Lt Colonel Janet Appeateng, GS Major Jean Clenat, DC Major George Musamali 
(sorry for all the abbreviations...)
Photo 5: A child graduating from Gituro parents Committee preschool, receiving her
diploma so she can attend primary school.
God bless you!


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