Thank you for your support you are giving to the Children of Rwanda Preschools! I am so glad that the children can now smile and know that there s someone some where who cares for them. At least they can live like other children. I also take this time to thank all those sponsoring  Hirwa Joy sibongaya a child who was left by her mother when she needed her more. Now Joy can smile and learn because she has now joined pre unit school.
Sponsorship Secretary's remarks to all our Sponsors. Thank you so much for the work you are doing for the Preschools in Rwanda and Burundi, though we don't have any Salvation Army school in Burundi and I see there is a need to have one  there. I have been away for a month due to the Operation I under went but now am back in the office  thank God, though recovering slowly. Thank you and Thank you and may God continue blessing you and the work of your hands.


The 2nd term started on 20th April and ended on 31st July 2015.and it was time for Section Officers to come for Preschool reporting. The time available was according to the school year plan. On 11.08.2015 at 10. a.m. we met with the Section Officers from Rubirizi Preschool, Captain Obed,Captain Damascene from Catherine Booth Preschool and two Corps officers from Runda Preschool Lieutenant Baptiste Sibongaya and Lt Bosco from Rutobwe Preschool. The Section Officer for Nyagatare did not come for reporting but brought the books later.
The Reporting started well, and we Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa,Education Secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha and Finance secretary Captain Leonard Noyngesa, we were checking the Narrative report, Bank slips and bank statements, receipts, Finance Journal book, Budgets,Statistics.  The Parents of the Preschools are really trying to pay the school fees for their Children as the teachers struggle to teach them. The administrators are trying to manage the Money given to them by showing all the receipts indicating how the money is spent.
The main Challenges in our Preschools are Classrooms.They all use the salvation army hall as Classrooms, and some lack enough teachers .Like Rutobwe Preschool has 54 Children taught in one room one teacher. But we thank one of the donor who donated a donation to build classroom for them and it is now complete but still needs another one. Some have no Play Equipment and materials. We thank all our Donors for the support given to our preschools and Pray that God will continue blessing you and the work of your hands.
After, reporting we had a meal together before leaving to their respective places. Thank you all for the good work you are doing.



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