Rwanda preschools

Rwanda and Burundi Command have 9 Preschools running.  5 Preschools are sponsored from their institutional support and 4 Preschools are not sponsored but supported by small donations from our donors from SAWSO,AUS,USC and USE territories. There are two Preschools that have just started and these are Batsinda and Taba preschools respectively. But the main Sponsored Preschools are sponsored by AUS territory,Netherlands,Sweden/Latvia
The two pictures are Rwimiyaga Preschool sponsored by the Netherlands territory. The first picture is food given to them and the second picture the children are happy playing on their swings bought from the just gifts money and what is seen behind them is the kitchen where they prepare their porridge.
The Second pictures are Gituro /Nyagatare Preschool enjoying the visit of sponsorship secretary to their preschool major violet Nyongesa.They are receiving food staff.
5 and 6 pictures are for Rutobwe preschool. They have 61 children attending the preschool and one classroom which was donated by Mrs. Barbra and is not enough because the law of the government requires 35 children per class.
7 and 8 Pictures are Children from Catherine booth preschool kayenzi singing to the Sponsorship Secretary major Violet Nyongesa who made a visit to their Preschool
     This is Rubuye Preschool Listening as their teachers teach


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