Rubirizi Preschool is situated in the outskirt of Rwanda, Kayonza district. The preschool is in the interior part and was started by the parents who are very poor and could not afford to pay the school fees to other expensive schools. The Preschool started in a very small building with 100 children and teaching was a problem. Later th moved into the salvation Army hall where they use it as classroom. The Children are too many and they cannot fit into one room 63 children being taught in one room is a problem.
Rubirizi Preschool is in need of Classrooms and Playing Equipments for the children the school is just near the road and Motor bicycles are too many. They have no proper shoes for coming to school. These children really needs help.


Thank you for your support you are giving to the Children of Rwanda Preschools! I am so glad that the children can now smile and know that there s someone some where who cares for them. At least they can live like other children. I also take this time to thank all those sponsoring  Hirwa Joy sibongaya a child who was left by her mother when she needed her more. Now Joy can smile and learn because she has now joined pre unit school.
Sponsorship Secretary's remarks to all our Sponsors. Thank you so much for the work you are doing for the Preschools in Rwanda and Burundi, though we don't have any Salvation Army school in Burundi and I see there is a need to have one  there. I have been away for a month due to the Operation I under went but now am back in the office  thank God, though recovering slowly. Thank you and Thank you and may God continue blessing you and the work of your hands.


The 2nd term started on 20th April and ended on 31st July 2015.and it was time for Section Officers to come for Preschool reporting. The time available was according to the school year plan. On 11.08.2015 at 10. a.m. we met with the Section Officers from Rubirizi Preschool, Captain Obed,Captain Damascene from Catherine Booth Preschool and two Corps officers from Runda Preschool Lieutenant Baptiste Sibongaya and Lt Bosco from Rutobwe Preschool. The Section Officer for Nyagatare did not come for reporting but brought the books later.
The Reporting started well, and we Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa,Education Secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha and Finance secretary Captain Leonard Noyngesa, we were checking the Narrative report, Bank slips and bank statements, receipts, Finance Journal book, Budgets,Statistics.  The Parents of the Preschools are really trying to pay the school fees for their Children as the teachers struggle to teach them. The administrators are trying to manage the Money given to them by showing all the receipts indicating how the money is spent.
The main Challenges in our Preschools are Classrooms.They all use the salvation army hall as Classrooms, and some lack enough teachers .Like Rutobwe Preschool has 54 Children taught in one room one teacher. But we thank one of the donor who donated a donation to build classroom for them and it is now complete but still needs another one. Some have no Play Equipment and materials. We thank all our Donors for the support given to our preschools and Pray that God will continue blessing you and the work of your hands.
After, reporting we had a meal together before leaving to their respective places. Thank you all for the good work you are doing.



This year we were very much privileged to have a donor who donated toward the constructions of Rutobwe preschool Classrooms and toilets for the Children and the teachers. We just say thank you to Mrs. Barbara Griffiths and the husband and all those who supported the project though we still need to add other two Class rooms worthy
10,000,000 Rfw, equivalent to $14,286. We need to have Classrooms to all our preschools in Rwanda and Burundi Command so that the Children are comfortable to learn well.
Rutobwe is situated in a hilly place and digging deeper for the foundation was not easy but we thank the Dc, Kamonyi Division the corps officer for Rutobwe and the constructors for job well done. God bless you all on behalf of the Officer Commanding Lt Col Seth Appeateng Rwanda and Burundi Command.

Thank you letter."

Thank you for all the sponsors who are sponsoring Preschools in Rwanda and Burundi Command Thank you for your support! I am glad this blog can encourage you and give you the opportunity to share the blessings of being a sponsor. You make a great impact on the lives of this children it is so amazing to see them smile and realize that there is someone to lean on.Sponsorhip Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa. God Bless you all our sponsors. There are still three preschool that still are not sponsored and looking forward to getting one that is touched by this children. The three Preschools are Bitare,Rubuye and Rukeri.

Distribution of Preschool Materials and Equipment in our 9 Preschools.

On 28 April we visited Rubuye, Catherine Booth Kayenzi,,Rutobwe ,Bitare na Runda preschool. Some we manage to get the children but others no, because we reached when they had already left for lunch. But we manage to get the Administrators of the Preschools. We have just arrived at Rubuye Preschool and the children are anxious to see us. They are standing near their hall where they usually take their lessons.
The Children, the teacher, and the administrator are happy to us and they see as if it is manna from heaven because they always struggle on their own with the parents. Rubuye is not sponsored and they wish one day they get a sponsor to make them happy like today. Captain Violet Nyongesa Sponsorship Secretary talking to them.
Handing over the materials to the Preschool and each child is holding something either a book, pencil pen paperclips etc.
The first picture is the proposed classrooms for Rutobwe Preschool and the second is the salvation army hall where children are learning for the time being. In the picture is the section officer of Kigali corps but the administrator to Rubirizi preschool together with the Education secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha.
 In Ritobwe we got when the children had break for Lunch and therefor we had to give the materials to the teacher and the Lt Bosco who is the administrator.

Preschool Reporting and distribution of Preschools Materials and Equipmentsorting

On 24.04.2015 was a great day with the section officers coming to CHQ for preschools reporting. The meeting started with a word of God from our General secretary encouraging them on the importance of having a preschool. There after, we embarked on the business that brought us together, That is checking all the receipts books Bank accounts Finance book journal, activities done in the preschools, review the previous budgets and also progressive reports. The people who were checking all tis were the Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa,Education secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha,and the Finance secretary Captain Leonard Nyongesa.
There after  we shared food together and everyone was to leave at his or her own pleasure.
On 27.04.2015 we distributed Preschool Materials such a s exercise books,Pencils,Blue pens ,Black Pens, Red pens, Blackboard erasers, blackboard dusters, Drawing books, Paper Clips,Chailks, Glue, Basins, Cooking Pots, Jugs Plastic cups, small towels, Story books,  Registers, note books, Attendance records, Lesson plan books. We also visited Rubirizi preschool with Hanna Brand Vick from IHQ who came to inspect the project I Rubirizi since it is sponsored by the Sweden/Latvia territory.
This are Materials and Equipments for 9 Preschools.and they were very happy for the donation from our sponsors May God bless you abundantly and never lack anything..
 These is Preschool reporting with he |Sections Officers and the officers of Rutobwe preschool who is the administrator now together with the Officer of Runda preschool who are now newly sponsored. we say thank you to our sponsors.
 After, we had fellowship to

Joy SIbongaya

Joy Sibongaya is 2 yrs. old. She is the daughter to Lt Jean Baptist Sibongaya and Lt Maria Rose Uwimana  from Runda Corps. Lt Maria Rose Uwimana passed away Jan this year leaving Joy with the father. She is a very active girl, but since the lose of her mother she lost all the joy in herself and all the time talking about her mother how she was burnt by the fire while cooking. I am writing kindly to request for her assistance of Education Clothing and even food and far most support her and her father with prayers. I am calling to all  well wishers who will read this and you are touched please assist Joy, in order to make her smile and forget about  the death of her mother and the memories.

Preschool reporting 14.11.2014.

During reporting there is the sharing of bread with tea together.
Preschool Reporting going on with the Education Secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha and Finance Secretary Captain Leonard Nyongesa with the Section officers. We were checking on the following: Budget term 3 review, Budgets for 2015,Term activity, Financial Report, Attendance Records,  Class Diary, Receipts books/balance sheets and all documentations. It was properly done and I say thank you to the Section Officers. Only one section Officer who did not turn for reporting for Gituro and John Gowans preschool.
Finance Secretary with section officer Kigali checking books for Rubirizi Preschool. Finance secretary was of help to us to assist in Finance journal.
Education secretary going through the books of Catherine Booth kayenzi with Section Officer Captain Damascene
It was on 14.11.2014 when the section Officers came for preschool reporting 3rd term. The general secretary was the guest to speak to Section Officers. He gave an encouragement form the book of 2 Corinthians 8:1-5,empasizing on giving themselves to God and taking good care of the children. There is always a blessing when taking care of the poor.

Rukeri Preschool shoes celebration

The Children of Rukeri Teacher and the parents are very happy for the new shoes for their children.They thank all the donors who contributed for the shoes and they are really praying for them
Children are now fitting in the shoes to see the size they can take.
The hall where children are learning.
The teacher and the children ready to receive the shoes.They are in their classroom.
Section officer Captain Damascene,the CSM and the teacher assisting the children in fitting the shoes.

Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa talking to the children.
The Children in their new shoes with the sponsorship secretary.
Before they are given shoes, in class learning. This is the school that is struggling on their own without sponsorship to make sure that the children are learning and the teacher is paid her salary.

Rukeri Preschool new shoes part 3


The children get a chance to put on their new shoes.

They are now smart in the new shoes.
Sponsorship Secretary gave them shoes according to pre
measured sizes.

All Children were very exited about their new shoes!

Rukeri children new shoes part 2

The teacher is asking them some questions to see if they
remember what they are being taught.

They are now singing an expression of happiness.

Sponsorship Secretary talking to them and telling them
the reason why she has come to see them.

This is the class they are having class in, it is built
by mud bricks and even the floor is made of mud
and is dusty. Difficult to keep clean.

Section officer Captain Damascene talking to the children.

The children are explaining the parts of the body

They were surprised to have visitors visiting them
since Rukeri is a very rural area.
(During rain season it can sometimes be impossible to go there.)

Rukeri Preschool Shoes Distribution part 1 (3)

This is the building where Rukeri children are learning from.
Section Officer showing us the area of Rukeri.
Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa
looking at the area of Rukeri.
Rukeri area plantation of bananas.
The Journey started well from CHQ to Rukeri preschool.

Sponsorship Secretary talking to Bitare preschool children and parents


New shoes! The children were happy beyond recognition, some carrying their
old shoes in their hands. Thank you dear donors! This means so much!

Sponsorship Secretary at Bitare addressing the Issue of school fees and
why it is important to pay for our children



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