Catherine Booth preschool monitoring visit part 2

 Education Secretary Captain Dancille Mukafarah and Sponsorship Secretary Captain
Violet Nyongesa talking to the Children at Catherine Booth preschool
Sponsorship Secretary and Education secretary are  now  with the
children and their teachers and even the Administrator, Capt Jean
Damascene was at Catherine Booth preschool.
The Children received stickers from our friends in Australia :)

The children are now taking their delicious porridge wheat
mixed with millet to give the strength as the Sponsorship
Secretary watch them take the porridge. The cook is doing
a very nice work just to make sure the children are well fed.
We also managed to visit the pig project. they started with 6 pigs but now they are 18 pigs
and others are yet to be born 
 Sponsorship Secretary Capt. Violet Nyongesa giving the teachers and the
cook their Christmas gift and the Bonus and they went home smiling,
as seen from the Picture.
 Captain Violet Nyongesa Sponsorship Secretary presenting the gift and the
bonus to Mrs. leoncie Nyirahabimana and she was surprised because
she was not expecting that.
And also presenting it to Martha uwimana for the good work
they are doing in the preschool.
 Captain Violet Nyongesa is giving the cook the Christmas
and bonus for keeping our preschool children well by feeding them.

Monitoring visit to Catherine booth preschool, Kayenzi part 1

 On 18.07.2014 the journey started well from CHQ at
7.30.m. to Catherine Booth Preschool Kayenzi. We arrived
well and the teachers children and the Administrators
were really waiting for us.
It was a warm welcome to the Sponsorship Secretary
and the Education Secretary. It was the first time Sponsorship
Secretary was visiting the Preschool to check on the projects.

Greeting from the Sponsorship Secretary

Hallo, I am the new Sponsorship Secretary. My name is Captain Violet Nyongesa. I come 
from Kenya west Territory and will be in Rwanda and Burundi Command.
I am still new in the office but I believe I will get used to this new appointment. When I
go wrong just bare with me and with time all will be ok. Thank you for the work you have
been doing to make sure that all preschools are doing well.
May God bless you!
Copyright text and photos: The Salvation Army, Rwanda and Burundi Command

CHQ water recuperation tank !

 This is water tank which is used to keep water from CHQ building
and this water is used day by another by CHQ employees and
Kigali central corps in times when water from EWSA ( Energy
Water Sanitation Authority ) is not there.

How confident am I?

I am Innocent,  I have been working in Projects department for the Salvation Army in
Rwanda and Burundi Command since February 2014.
I didn't know all from the start but until now I have been trained on projects proccessing
and monitoring. I was also trained about sponsoring during this time. I am very
happy for this knowledge and I thank all friends who have helped me to be at this
level . In addition, I am preparing and confidently do my work and depend on skills
and knowledge acquired.

"WASH" - a project of water and sanitation for Rubirizi village

Yesterday we celebrated! Now the final part of the WASH project is accomplished, a water pump
is in place in Rubirizi! Thank you dear friends for this wonderful gift- a whole village can now
benefit from clean water and the women can get water in the village and feel safe.

Here is a little film. Enjoy!  (if you want it in high quality, just let us know and we´ll send it to you)

We say our farewells

It is now confirmed that Major Robert, the Project Officer and I, Major Anna-Maria, the Sponsorship Secretary, will go back home on June 12. During this month we will pack and arrange for furnishing to be transported, do finale reporting and visit as many centers as possible to say our farewells. If you do not
get a visit it is not because we do not want to come, but because there are many places to visit and we
can´t do them all.

Thank you, staff at preschools,  officers,  colleagues in The Salvation Army and donors for the support you
have given during these two years. We are blessed and it is difficult somehow to summerize, but we will try to write something about it in the coming weeks.

Take care, dear friends and keep supporting the Rwanda and Burundi Command, your help is much appreciated, not because it is good to get support, but that all we do changes lives, villages and the future,
ït is all for real :)

Captain Violet who comes from Kenya will contiue the work and if you dear redare think this blog is helping
you to get all the information you need, please let the Command know- and maybe this can continue.
I will do my very best to assist Captain Violet in this work - but it depends on you and the Command...
If you let us know if this is a good media for information andfor donor territories; does this help you in your
work, then let us know, :)
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used for Salvation Army Media and information- e-mail us and we´ll get you good quality photos.

A much anticipated welcome!

Yes, oh, how we have prayed and hoped - and it has now come true! Thank you, Lord!
On Thursday late night,we finally received the Captains from Kenya West Territory.
So today we greeted them both at the section Sunday meeting at Kigali Central Corps.
After we sat down and enjoyed a soda together, before going for a late lunch in the city.

Captain Violet is the new Sponsorship Secretary and will now move in to my office and
take care of all sponsorship and sponsorship projects. I and my husband will end our
deployment and return back home to Sweden some time in June, date is still not set.

Captain Violet is a blessing come true!.
This means that all of our Salvation Army donors in other contries will be able to have a
contact here that can run all projects and develop child sponsorship in the Rwanda and
Burundi Command :)

Captain Leonard is a blessing come true, too!
He will be the Finance Secretary and that will help us so much also. He can
assist with all administration and accountability for projects so we can do right by our donors
and do the very best we can to do "transparancy and accountability".

A presentation will come, have patience, dear sponsors, we will be right back- First we will
introduce the Captains to their work during this week and after that, some changes and more
info will be done on the blog.

Text and photos copyright: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used by permission to promote Sponsorhip within the Salvation Army media. Send an e-mail
if you need high quality photos.

Preschool term 1 report 25 April 2014

Section Officers for Rutobwe and Catherine Booth preschool do their reporting at CHQ,
narrative and financial for the sponsored preschools
1. Every end of term I gather the Section Officers to do their reporting. We go through all
administration, teaching Finance Administration. Today was my last time to do so here in
Rwanda. Both Robert and I are so happy for all the capacity training we now see the result of,
2. Yes, and we do treat ourselves to tea... and lunch... and some laughs are neccessary
when doing finance... I do believe all officers know what I mean, haha ;D
3. I´m handing over to Salation Army Officer, Captain Dancille, who now will be in charge
of the new Education Department and we hope that a new Sponsorship secreatary will
come to join the Project and Sponsorship team.
4. Major Robert is the best teacher and so good at understanding numbers, expenses
and income, deficiancy and gain... I´m so glad he can take part of this part of my work.
5. Receipts, vouchers, income/ expenses sheets, support documentation, bank statement,
cash/ bank balance... so many things to do, but it helps us build transparency and
accountability. Don`t give up my friends, you are doing good
6. Toothbrushes to Rutobwe preschool Health program. The Children are taught hygiene
and health and it has great impact even on attendance, the children are healthier...
and they teach their families what them themselves learn in school. The same mini project
is going on at Catherine Booth prechool, now they have a wooden shelf where the tooth brushes
are personalised and each brush has its own space :)
Thanks for all beautiful tooth brushes we received. We need lots more, so if anyone has
connections within the dentist field, please send us some more. The health and hygiene
projects are definetely a hit!

Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
can be used by permission for Salvation Army Media (send an e-mail to us and we´ll get
you original size)

The visual impaired sticks are coming to a use

So we received a gift. A beautiful gift. I don´t know how your every day life looks like,
but mine is a pretty simple one. I wake up, I make breakfast and then I go out to work.
 - I can see and smell and move my body, it is a blessing. For some, though, life has
been a challenge, not having the possibility to have full health. Some will be blind, or deaf,
or maybe have a muscle or a part of the body that is not working...
As I said, we received a gift.

Five white sticks. A salvationist officer collected some money together with friends to be
able to send us these sticks. We will now meet with our blind friend and together with his
friends present our work and hand over these sticks to persons that cannot afford to get a
stick by own means.
For me, who has never even used such a stick, I must confess, I´m impressed. Lot´s of
small details and Hmmm, I do not know how to use the manual... but I know the people
at the visual impaired Group will, so I trust them to know.

So, dear friends, we will let you know how this turns out. Thank you so much for giving us
this chance to get to know the friends in the Visual Impaired Group. Be blessed.

Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
(can be used after permission (just send an e-mail)  for Salvation Army Media)


Stickers on the move

Today I received a letter, much welcomed!
I love surprises and so do the children and teachers...
Everytime I get this yellow big A4 envelope, I know... Now Catherine Booth preschool will receive a treat.
Was I right this time? Oh, yes!

Two beautiful sticker albums, so nice for the teachers to use at preschool :)

When Section Officer comes in to my office to do term report, I will give it to him so he
can give the letter to the teachers and Children at Catherine Booth preschool :)
Thank you!

Films from 2012-2014 Sponsorship and project work (Updated 27 March)

Hi everybody! 
It is time to summerize our work during 2012-2014... so here will we publish some of the results in the form of short films. We have been approved to stay on some 4 extra months, so we will be back home in June and not in March as first ordered.... /AT
If you go to you can search for Rutobwe preschool, copy or click the link: and you will be able to watch a short film from Rutobwe preschool.
If you go to you can either write "Gituro Projects film AT dator" or copy
the link  and you will reach a short film from Gituro, Nyagatare
If you write "Rubirizi hall and preschool project AT 2014 dator" or copy the link
you will get the Rubirizi film.
If you write Rwimiyaga preschool or copy the link  and you will get theJohn Gowans preschool and Rwimiyaga film. The film is called " Rwimiyaga preschool and youth project AT 2014 dator"
And a film from Kigali,  "Kigali Projects Film AT" showing Batsinda Hall,
Officers Quarters at Batsinda and CHQ, Kibagabaga
And in "Runda Projects" you can visit the preschool and the beginning of the hair dressing
saloon vocational training...
we support the Parents Committe preschool and have started a hair saloon Project at the
Corps. Click or copy the link and you will see the short film.
The internet here is slow and it is not easy to upload good quality so if you want the films in good quality,
just send an email to:
More films will come :)

Rwimiyaga Youth project and preschool hall update 22 January 2014

Here is an update from last week. We can now see some more work has been done and
we are eagerly waiting... Enjoy!
Here the building for the latrines are coming along well
And the hall is almost complete.

This is the annex of the hall, the two windows on the right is for the classroom...
Major Wenche and Mr Per is visiting us this week from Jeloy Folk High School, a school run by
The Salvation Army in Norway.
and the one window to the left is for the teachers room and preschool storage.
 Major Wenche and  Mr Per, a teacher, are here to see if it is possible to have some students
come for a class next year "Destination East Africa", doing preschool work, youth and
Community work for a month or so.

Now the "see through" plastic sheets are in place and the sun can shine and light up the hall :)
The kitchen now has a roof, doors and windows
A little peek into the kitchen and storage
The plastic sheets are not in place yet, so it is still dark in the rooms.

...and windows are in place, the glass will be put in last.

So we are doing some progress - now we are unpatient to get this hall up and running,
so the children and youth can finally have their programs up and running.
When I visisted the preschool children this day at the Community hall, they had been
pushed out of the hall  because the TSA preschool was to be opened by now.
For now they have preschool in a small office room (2,5x4 m), all 80 Children :/
Not easy for them, but they are happy for the new school so the teachers said it is ok
as they will soon move out of there to the beautiful hall.

Be blessed!
Photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used by The Salvation Army by permission for information and fundraising.
Just send us an email and we´ll get you originals of photos :)

Rwimiyaga Multipurpose hall with preschool annex

 On January 6 we visited the construction of the Rwimiyaga Youth Project multipurpose hall.

Due to heavy rain and storms the Construction work is still ongoing and will be completed
in February. We can already see that the building was there,
There were many workers on the scene,

and the roof was in place  (except for the light sheets) and it is looking good :)
It is a beautiful area with a great view.
There will be electricity in the hall and we are waiting for water to be available too.
The workers are now preparing for the latrines and as you can see, The Project Officer
seems to be happy with the progress

The men are digging a 25 m deep hole before building thesmall house.

It is a serious work, they climb down and put dirt in a bucket that other workers bring to
the surface, digging deeper and deeper.

We were also able to add an annex in the end of the building so that the preschool children
can be divided in two groups. The door leads to a 3,5x5 m classroom

... and if you enter from the opposite side you will find a small office and storage for the

To have a preschool we need to provide classrooms and latrines so we are doing good!
We have a food program at the preschool, so when we move to the new building we also
have to build a kitchen. Thanks to Sponsorship we are now on the way building that too.
We will not have to rent a kitchen anymore, and it will be used for not only preschool, but
for youth program and for the church business.

Updated with photos 16 Jan 19:35
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used by The Salvation Army centers/media after permission. Please send e-mail to us and we will get you original photos to work with :)

Happy Sponsorship Year 2014!

Now we have prepared the Calendar from some seconds of the Sponsorship work here in Rwanda.  We have an open .docx where you can change language and fonts (we have used Albertus Medium in the original)  or a .pdf
Just e-mail us and we will send it to you :)
you can download a .pdf  here via mediafire:
Here is some info about the photos from the calendar:
Photo 1: Dedication of the multipurpose hall in Rubirizi where the preschool children finally have a good environment for their playing and studying.
Photo 2: John Gowans preschool drummer boys in Rwimiyaga. They wanted to buy
drums and practice for a local competition between all preschools in the area. They did
very well and competed even at regional level.
Photo 3: A child at Rutobwe preschool holding one of the african dolls that a young girl
sent them all the way from Sweden.
Photo 4: Leadership in Rwanda and Burundi Command; front row from the left:
DSWM Major Annett Musamali, CSWM Major Elianise Clenat, OC Lt Colonel Seth Appeateng,
CPWM Lt Colonel Janet Appeateng, GS Major Jean Clenat, DC Major George Musamali 
(sorry for all the abbreviations...)
Photo 5: A child graduating from Gituro parents Committee preschool, receiving her
diploma so she can attend primary school.
God bless you!


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