Dear friends, as sponsorship secretary  for Rwanda and Burundi Command, I want to comment you for the good job well done about our preschools. The God who Shower Blessings let Him Shower even more tom you and your families.

Section Officer and Parents Committee

The Section Officer had a meeting with the Section Officer on the
matter concerning Rubirizi preschool

Education Secretary and Sponsorship Secretary meets wth teachers

it was during the monitoring visit that the education SecrtaryCaptainDancille
Mukafuraha and  the  Sponsorship Secretary  Captain Violet Nyongesa decided to meet with the teachers concerning the curriculum of the school.

Donation materials Equipments and the Cupboard

These  are the materials and    Equipments  for preschools from the donors and the Cupboard for storing them.

Pig Pass Project introduction.

Mr. Innocent introduced the Pig pass project that was going
to benefit the parents and their Children. Not all children but vulnerable ones.

Teachers and cook bonus and Christmas gift

The Sponsorship Secretary managed to give the teachers and the cook their Bonus and their Christmas Gift as a sign of good work.

After meeting with the parents

This was on 22.08.2014  when we visited Rubirizi preschool.
We managed to speak with the parents about the school
and how to improve it.We worshiped with them and we had prayers together.

Preshool Donations

Sponsorship Secretary Education Secretary Section officer
and teachers showing the donations from unicef.

Monitoring Visit Rubirizi Preschool

The Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa was together with
Education Secretary Captain Dancille, Mr. Innocent teachers and the Children.
This is after talking to the children and the teachers.

Catherine Booth preschool monitoring visit part 2

 Education Secretary Captain Dancille Mukafarah and Sponsorship Secretary Captain
Violet Nyongesa talking to the Children at Catherine Booth preschool
Sponsorship Secretary and Education secretary are  now  with the
children and their teachers and even the Administrator, Capt Jean
Damascene was at Catherine Booth preschool.
The Children received stickers from our friends in Australia :)

The children are now taking their delicious porridge wheat
mixed with millet to give the strength as the Sponsorship
Secretary watch them take the porridge. The cook is doing
a very nice work just to make sure the children are well fed.
We also managed to visit the pig project. they started with 6 pigs but now they are 18 pigs
and others are yet to be born 
 Sponsorship Secretary Capt. Violet Nyongesa giving the teachers and the
cook their Christmas gift and the Bonus and they went home smiling,
as seen from the Picture.
 Captain Violet Nyongesa Sponsorship Secretary presenting the gift and the
bonus to Mrs. leoncie Nyirahabimana and she was surprised because
she was not expecting that.
And also presenting it to Martha uwimana for the good work
they are doing in the preschool.
 Captain Violet Nyongesa is giving the cook the Christmas
and bonus for keeping our preschool children well by feeding them.

Monitoring visit to Catherine booth preschool, Kayenzi part 1

 On 18.07.2014 the journey started well from CHQ at
7.30.m. to Catherine Booth Preschool Kayenzi. We arrived
well and the teachers children and the Administrators
were really waiting for us.
It was a warm welcome to the Sponsorship Secretary
and the Education Secretary. It was the first time Sponsorship
Secretary was visiting the Preschool to check on the projects.

Greeting from the Sponsorship Secretary

Hallo, I am the new Sponsorship Secretary. My name is Captain Violet Nyongesa. I come 
from Kenya west Territory and will be in Rwanda and Burundi Command.
I am still new in the office but I believe I will get used to this new appointment. When I
go wrong just bare with me and with time all will be ok. Thank you for the work you have
been doing to make sure that all preschools are doing well.
May God bless you!
Copyright text and photos: The Salvation Army, Rwanda and Burundi Command

CHQ water recuperation tank !

 This is water tank which is used to keep water from CHQ building
and this water is used day by another by CHQ employees and
Kigali central corps in times when water from EWSA ( Energy
Water Sanitation Authority ) is not there.

How confident am I?

I am Innocent,  I have been working in Projects department for the Salvation Army in
Rwanda and Burundi Command since February 2014.
I didn't know all from the start but until now I have been trained on projects proccessing
and monitoring. I was also trained about sponsoring during this time. I am very
happy for this knowledge and I thank all friends who have helped me to be at this
level . In addition, I am preparing and confidently do my work and depend on skills
and knowledge acquired.

"WASH" - a project of water and sanitation for Rubirizi village

Yesterday we celebrated! Now the final part of the WASH project is accomplished, a water pump
is in place in Rubirizi! Thank you dear friends for this wonderful gift- a whole village can now
benefit from clean water and the women can get water in the village and feel safe.

Here is a little film. Enjoy!  (if you want it in high quality, just let us know and we´ll send it to you)


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