At the (new) beginning PART 4

Rubirizi main street...
In one of these small houses some of the children have spent their preschool time, all crowded
up on benches  - approx 50 children has had their "home" there.
Last time we visited we brought small bottles filled with clean water to all of the children -
You should have seen the smiles on their faces!
Now the Salvation Army Hall is beginning to show. The mudbrick walls are up and the roof
is on... We will make simple windows of wood that you open so that the sun can shine in. To buy four glass windows would be too expensive right now (one  window is app US$ 400)
Project Officer Major Robert and Finance Administrator Mr John went to Rubirizi in March
and looked at the water pump and discussed the water project. We are going to help the
village with a borehole so they will have water at last. Thank you to all of you sponsors,
together we can make a difference for these people and really change their lives.
Just imagine - what if you and I were to walk for 6 kilometres every time we wanted water - and
how heavy it would be to bring it.
When  they left they took a photo of the village and guess what - the big building you can see, that is the Salvation Army Hall! The children will have such an improved environment for preschooling. I feel blessed being a part of this.
Photos and Copyright: Mr and Mrs John and Wendy Evans
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