Teacher´s Training - the very first in the Command

Teachers need to meet, teachers need to talk about how to teach, when to teach, how to teach and play... So after  their requests of this we tried to make it happen. In April we met for the first time in the Command history to a two day Teacher´s Training and Fellowship.
The two days were filled with activities, food and fellowship :)
The teachers got to meet each other, share the joys and challanges as teachers, and to share ideas for lessons that they do with the children.
Seminars, discussions and fellowship filled the time. We talked about...
The Children protection Law that Rwanda has approved as law:
We talked about gender equality, of how we want to treat the children in our care:
We also talked about  how to protect the children and ourselves as staff from physical, emotional and sexual  abuse and violation tpwards children (and of course the same rules are applied for us adults in our relationships to colleagues and parents)
Creativity and Inspiration was also on the program...
We made crackers from toilet rolls and the covering paper from the toiletrolls.
A dove from whatever paper you can find will be a beautiful installation when you hang them all in the ceiling...
We also encouraged the preschools to see what they can do to have a better environment.

                                                                                                                                                          Good chairs and tables, books, routines, health and hygiene... Group activities and changing environment by moving furniture for different activities.
Also to make it nice outside, to plant trees and flowers and vegetables and to learn about nature science.
Some of the teachers do not know so much about the Salvation Army so they got some insight of this church by Captain Dancille.

´They got the history, some teaching and the  Mission as church...
Two Section Officers, Captain Theobold and Captain Jean Damascene had a seminar about the curriculum from Rwanda Education Ministry that we expect the teachers to use.
The time flies and all too soon it was time to leave for home. The participants got a certificate and a book with all documentation from the course to use in their every day life as teachers in the preschools.
Photos and copyright: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Photos are free to use within the Salvation Army. Send an e-mail if you want originals for media purposes.


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