Sponsorship changes lives!!! :)

A young man came to CHQ on Tuesday. He introduced himself as Elie Nzayisenga. He wanted to invite the Salvation Army to come and celebrate his graduation from university.
It turned out he was one of many young people receiving sponsorship during Secondary school a couple of years back. Í was amazed. Today he is graduationg from university and the Project Officer and I are going to attend the festivities!
This is what a helping hand can accomplish, this is what a sponsorship for school fees can do. We do not have any projects for school fees for this anymore, but today we can see the fruits of that project. We have at least four young people here that have been able to study six years in secondary and then at university. We are blessed.
We will give him the latest translation of the Bible in kinyarwanda that the Bible Society published two years ago. In it we have put the Mission statement, the doctrines and the explanations fro the Crest.
We have also written a dedication for him in rememberance of this day.
And his subject at university?
- Yes, I have to admit, I am impressed. Some people just have the most amazing gifts, and Mr Elie likes numbers, order, organisation so he has now got a bachelor degree in "Applied Statistics"

May God bless all of you sponsors that have made this come true for Mr Elie! I hope the Sponsorship Secretary in your territory will share this good news, so that one day, we might be able to do this again; to sponsor young teenagers to be able to do secondary and university studies.


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