Christmas and it is official...

 The Officer Commanding invited us all to the Kigali Cenral Corps hall where we had a
meeting with speeches and wishes for the new year. Christmas songs were sung. The
general´s christmas greeting was read.
"Be lights in the world, carry out the light to the world... bring hope and love to the people!!

All staff got a Christmas present and
We enjoyed fellowship and shared a meal together; fried potatoes, rice, fried bananas,
boiled potatoes, "spinach", peas with small green augergines,  meat and chicken,
sauce and small sweet bananas and then after all that...
we  celebrated Christ´s and all our birthdays for the year by sharing a birthday cake 
- or three cakes, actually :)

Then a lot of different Group photos; all women officers in one, all men officers in another,
staff and Leadership, me and my husband Robert with the Leadership...
yes, a lot of photos were taken by many of us.

We will now close CHQ for Christmas and only do field visits - on Jan 5 we hope to inspect the new hall and preschool annex in Rwimiyaga ;) We are so happy and excited!

Thank you for all your support during these two years- time has passed so fast it seems.
I feel we have been blessed and will think of this time in Rwanda and Burundi as blessed. I thank all of the people here for receiving us so well. I am also so thankful for all the good things we have been a part of creating, starting, developing and end, evaluate and... yes, everything we have been involved in.
It has been a joy to be a part of the Childrens´sponsorship team, I thank the Salvation Army for giving me this opportunity and important assignment. Thank you!

So many good moments...

Officer Commanding also announced to the staff present that our term here in Rwanda
will be finished in March and that we will be going back home to Sweden on March 15.
Sad in a way, of course, but we know that the Lord is with us and we will be joining our
Children, which will be good. We now await news of who will replace us as Project Officer
and Sponsorship Secretary for the Command, so that we can make the transition as good
as possible.
So, now I wish you all a very merry Christmas!
Please let peace and joy spread in your life and share it with family, friends, strangers...
The newborn king is here :)
Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Sponsorship Secretary,
Rwanda and Burundi
All text and photos: Copyright Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
(Can after permission be used by The Salvation Army for information to donors, sponsors and Campaigns)


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