Rubirizi 29 Nov 2013

In Rutobwe we have a kitchen built by the salvationists where the Cook/cleaner makes
porridge every day. When visiting there I realised the women are cooking on the ground,
bending their backs...

So when I did the inspection at Rubirizi preschool, the Section Officer and I brought three bags of
cement, so that the salvationists can build a stove with "height" so that the cooking can be easier  and not so
"strainful" (and it will save firewood).
We also brought all kitchen utensils needed to start the foodprogram from January, thanks to
institutional support from you.
We brought basins, beaters, buckets, pots and pans, Jerry cans fo water, cups and pitchers.
We also decided to bring 17 chairs that have been standing in a storage at OTC for the
last five years. They were made for the preschool in Kigali- the same land for the preschool
and hall that the government expropriated the land from the Salvation Army.
The intent was that we could build in another place, but it has taken the government a long
time to assist in getting the replacement land in Kigali, and  there is still not any final plans
on paper :( The government wants us as partner and step by step, then a step back... we
are getting there.
So instead of not using the chairs at all, we will use them in the preschool at Rubirizi :)

Now the kitchen outside wall has been plastered, so we plan for a good start text term;
with everything prepared for a new school year.

The water harvesting system is in place, the "gutters" are leading the water to the big
water container

We also wait for a water Project ("wash") to be implemented. We are waiting for the government to
do the final documents so that we can start drilling a bore hole for the Rubirizi village. They
do not have any water source at all, and have to walk long distances to get water, so this
bore hole will make a big differnece in the villagers life. The villagers are waiting and longing
(as are we, it is not easy to be as patient as we have had to be) and now they have put up
a cover around the old bore hole so that no more damage will be done to it before the work
can start

And a miracle, little baby Anonzielle has been born to this world.  Nursery teacher Anonziata is
now on maternity leave for Three months but will be back at school during next term
We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for all support during this year- please
take a look on the blog and see all that has been accomplished- you help bulding a better
future, a way out of poverty!
Copyrigt text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
(After permission: can be used within the Salvation Army for Child Sponsorship activities and promotion)



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