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- How many preschools do you have in Rwanda?
We have nine preschools... that is if you Count all schools in our halls or that we are involved in together with Community and parents committees through "faith based fascilitation".
Catherine Booth preschool, Rutobwe preschool and Rubirizi preschools are run by the Salvation Army.
We "own" it- that means we have the government permit saying we are recognised as a approved private preschool.
Then we have John Gowans preschool in Rwimiyaga and Gituro preschool in Nyagatare. They are both parents committee preschools, but they are receiving institutional support from Salvation Army donors.
Rukeri, Bitare, Runda and Rubuye are also parents committee schools. The parents asked if the Salvation Army could help them in starting preschools for their children -so Bitare, Runda and Rubuye preschools meet in the Salvation Army halls. These preschools have only the small school fees from parents to pay for material and teachers, they struggle but keep up a good work. At Rukeri, the Salvation Army rent a small hall for church activities so that is where the preschool meet during the week days.
Mj Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Sponsorship Secretary


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