At the (new) beginning PART 1

is a very good place to start... when I arrived in Rwanda, the salvationists in Rubirizi had just made an agreement with the sector and village to try to open a preschool for the children in the village. Aware of the poverty they still wanted to see if it would be possible to pay for teachers to come and educate the young ones.
After a year we can see that they are struggling. We have during this year assisted with books, pens, other materials and a very small contribution for the teachers, as they are not getting all salary from the parents school fees.
Until now the children has been gathering in a mudbrick church, not very nice, but ok for being the every day standard they have in the village. Now we are taking our commitment in this village to another level. This year we will build a small hall for the Salvation Army to be in. We will not afford to build it all - the priority is to build a nice and solid foundation with good cornerpillars and a tin roof. There will not be any electricity in the house due to the fact the village is not connected to the power station and also because it is expensive to put in in for future needs. We will have to wait and see for when the day comes with power to the village...
( I have tried to make a sketch so that the contractors will understand what we are looking for...)
For the walls we are still short for money so we will use mudbricks for that. When we can raise enough money for proper  brick walls (approximate US$ 10 000), we can easily exchange the mudbricks for burnt bricks and the building will not have to be rebuilt, only "upgraded".
This means that we can start building in the nextcoming months, we are so excited!!!

When we have our own hall we will continue having the preschool there; only with some changes in number of children/organisation and that we probably will take the school to be a Salvation Army preschool rather than supporting the parents Committee preschool. So now I´m also asking for funding for chairs/benches and tables for the children... :) 
Do you want to sponsor this? Send your gift to the Sponsorship Department at the Salvation Army in your country and state purpose: Hall/ Preschool, Rubirizi, Rwanda


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