And some more African Babies delivered to happy children

On our last visit to John Gowans preschool we handed over the "Swedish and African baby dolls". Thanks to a Christmas present sent from a Swedish girl and her family and friends, 13 African dolls arrived to be given to the preschools.

And as we predicted the children (and adults) were so fascinated and happy for the dolls.
Three dolls were given, and the children did not want to let go of them. 
Teacher Mr Alexis and Mrs Claudine were in the middle of the test, all preschool children
have to do test according to age some times, according to Education Ministry Curriculum
and today Mr Alexis proudly presented some tests for Major Robert and me.
One child had a perfect score, and that is really good. Here preschool is still what the word
says- a school before school and learning by listening and repeating what is taught is a
big part of the curriculum.
When the teachers came to Teachers Training in April they asked for scissors, and this
time I could find some in Kigali, so we are going to give them these next time we visit the school.
Photos and copyright: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Free to use within the Salvation Army, just send an e-mail and we´ll send the originals :)


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