Preschool term 1 report 25 April 2014

Section Officers for Rutobwe and Catherine Booth preschool do their reporting at CHQ,
narrative and financial for the sponsored preschools
1. Every end of term I gather the Section Officers to do their reporting. We go through all
administration, teaching Finance Administration. Today was my last time to do so here in
Rwanda. Both Robert and I are so happy for all the capacity training we now see the result of,
2. Yes, and we do treat ourselves to tea... and lunch... and some laughs are neccessary
when doing finance... I do believe all officers know what I mean, haha ;D
3. I´m handing over to Salation Army Officer, Captain Dancille, who now will be in charge
of the new Education Department and we hope that a new Sponsorship secreatary will
come to join the Project and Sponsorship team.
4. Major Robert is the best teacher and so good at understanding numbers, expenses
and income, deficiancy and gain... I´m so glad he can take part of this part of my work.
5. Receipts, vouchers, income/ expenses sheets, support documentation, bank statement,
cash/ bank balance... so many things to do, but it helps us build transparency and
accountability. Don`t give up my friends, you are doing good
6. Toothbrushes to Rutobwe preschool Health program. The Children are taught hygiene
and health and it has great impact even on attendance, the children are healthier...
and they teach their families what them themselves learn in school. The same mini project
is going on at Catherine Booth prechool, now they have a wooden shelf where the tooth brushes
are personalised and each brush has its own space :)
Thanks for all beautiful tooth brushes we received. We need lots more, so if anyone has
connections within the dentist field, please send us some more. The health and hygiene
projects are definetely a hit!

Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
can be used by permission for Salvation Army Media (send an e-mail to us and we´ll get
you original size)


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