We say our farewells

It is now confirmed that Major Robert, the Project Officer and I, Major Anna-Maria, the Sponsorship Secretary, will go back home on June 12. During this month we will pack and arrange for furnishing to be transported, do finale reporting and visit as many centers as possible to say our farewells. If you do not
get a visit it is not because we do not want to come, but because there are many places to visit and we
can´t do them all.

Thank you, staff at preschools,  officers,  colleagues in The Salvation Army and donors for the support you
have given during these two years. We are blessed and it is difficult somehow to summerize, but we will try to write something about it in the coming weeks.

Take care, dear friends and keep supporting the Rwanda and Burundi Command, your help is much appreciated, not because it is good to get support, but that all we do changes lives, villages and the future,
ït is all for real :)

Captain Violet who comes from Kenya will contiue the work and if you dear redare think this blog is helping
you to get all the information you need, please let the Command know- and maybe this can continue.
I will do my very best to assist Captain Violet in this work - but it depends on you and the Command...
If you let us know if this is a good media for information andfor donor territories; does this help you in your
work, then let us know, :)
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used for Salvation Army Media and information- e-mail us and we´ll get you good quality photos.


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