Films from 2012-2014 Sponsorship and project work (Updated 27 March)

Hi everybody! 
It is time to summerize our work during 2012-2014... so here will we publish some of the results in the form of short films. We have been approved to stay on some 4 extra months, so we will be back home in June and not in March as first ordered.... /AT
If you go to you can search for Rutobwe preschool, copy or click the link: and you will be able to watch a short film from Rutobwe preschool.
If you go to you can either write "Gituro Projects film AT dator" or copy
the link  and you will reach a short film from Gituro, Nyagatare
If you write "Rubirizi hall and preschool project AT 2014 dator" or copy the link
you will get the Rubirizi film.
If you write Rwimiyaga preschool or copy the link  and you will get theJohn Gowans preschool and Rwimiyaga film. The film is called " Rwimiyaga preschool and youth project AT 2014 dator"
And a film from Kigali,  "Kigali Projects Film AT" showing Batsinda Hall,
Officers Quarters at Batsinda and CHQ, Kibagabaga
And in "Runda Projects" you can visit the preschool and the beginning of the hair dressing
saloon vocational training...
we support the Parents Committe preschool and have started a hair saloon Project at the
Corps. Click or copy the link and you will see the short film.
The internet here is slow and it is not easy to upload good quality so if you want the films in good quality,
just send an email to:
More films will come :)


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