Now we are on the way!

Today we signed the contract with the contractor to build the multipurpose Hall with an annex for classroom for preschool and teachers lounge/storage! Thanks to donors for preschools and for a youth project and collections from you dear sponsors, we can now start building. We still need more funding for the classroom, but we will start with the ground and cement floor and solid corner pillars, and if funding comes, we can put burnt bricks in the walls.
The roof will be in metal sheeting, to let the sunshine in we will put plastic sheet in some places in the roof.
Now, the contractor believes it can be completed in January, if the rain keeps away :) Wow, finally, we say!
It has taken such long time (saying I as I am an impatient person) to first find three different lands to choose from, then to find a land we want and that has the correct ownership papers etc. After that, the bying itself takes time, lawyers, government, buyer and seller to get all documentation done correctly and "bulletproof".
When that was finalized the building itself... well, now we have completed all the "paperwork" and will enter the practicals.
Soon and very soon, here the buildings will stand, we will be able to decorate and finally invite children and youth to activities, preschool, fellowship and teachings and discussion groups.  I am impatient and eager to stand in the door saying:
Mj Anna-Maria

A day at the office...

A day at the office... Yes, just enjoing myself showing you what a great day we had :)
Yesterday we accomplished a great deal. First we were able to get the gas cooker for
CHQ Officers´quarters at Batsinda, Kigali

then buy all (ALL! Yeah!) kitchen utensils for the food program at Rubirizi preschool. From
January we will have a kitchen so we can implement a food program in that preschool too,
thank you for assisting, dear sponsors!
we could now "harvest"  60 of the babyplants that our gardener Michel has prepared to be
planted outside Batsinda Salvation Army Hall in Kigali.
Captains Obed and Dyna Tungo are part CHQ staff, but also in charge of  Batsinda Corps.
Now they together with the salvationists will start planting the hedge around the piece of land.
Our gardener will now start a fresh, so we will have new "baby" plants to put in place in
three months time, to cover the big piece of land.
Nice when "Everything happens as you planned them to" Halleluia!

Everyday life at the office...

Everyday life at the office...
sometimes means going to Rukoma to check on the repairs of the sportsfield - the workers
are busy putting up a higher perimeterwall and putting cement on the wall, fixing up the
latrines. Project Administrator Mr Francois and I are happy for the work done.
Everyday life at the office...
can also be visiting Kayenzi Corps (love the flowers) and together with DC and Section
Officer meet local government at the District Office to inform and share ideas for all TSA
work and activities.
Everyday life at the office...
needs no comment... :)
Everyday life at the office...
can also be to meet with Gituro preschool  parents committee to inform about institutional
support  and empower them to do the very best they can to have all children go to school
Everyday life at the office...
can actually mean to be in the office. Today I do a lot of financial stuff, planning for preschool
shopping (books, didactic materials etc) for next term...
Everyday life at the office... can also mean running around for hours (read: days weeks or
months) like a crazy fool trying to find all that material, because it is not always there to be found...
Everyday life at the office...
-TEA! ;D
Everyday life at the office....
can be, thanks to donors, to visit the piece of land in Rwimiyaga where a multipurpose hall
now will be built. Here the salvationists will meet on Sundays, children and youth from the
community will learn music, playing instruments, how to use mixer and so on. They will
fellowship and discuss conflict management, "remember the past, but strive for a better
future". Here we also hope to have the preschool, John Gowans, when we have enough
funding to provide good classrooms.
Everyday life at the office...
can be to be an honorable guest at the end of term celebration, especially in the end of
the school year when all Children receive their transcripts and the six year olds get their
DIPLOMA for completed preschool course, that they then will bring to primary school next year...

-Do we feel blessed?
-Oh, yes, we are so blessed  every day at the office...
Photos and copyright: Anna-Maria Tufstrom
Photos can be used by The Salvation Army for information and promotion for sponsorship program

Just because... :)


We have bought drums for the drummer boys at John Gowans preschool.These are to be used in the
preschool teaching and for the preschool teams when they compete with other schools in music and
traditional dancing. The school had some before, so this time we bought four medium sized drums and a
very big one.   /AT

Education for Christmas, grandma'?

(Three wise men...)
I don´t know how it is in your family
maybe you always find exciting and perfect gifts for birthdays and for Christmas? I am not good at such things- usually I end up buying nothing or even asking the person what they want me to get for them...

So if you lack ideas for Christmas, I have an idea!
May be you could give away a kitchen, a classroom or a latrine?
That would help the Salvation Army to change the lives of 100 children here.
In Rwimiyaga we assist a preschool in Rwimiyaga run by a parents Committe. It is placed in a run down Community hall and it is a bit of a struggle to share it with all other activities that the Community is running there.
At least one or two times a week, the children have to go outside due to Community activities like vaccinations, information from local government and so on.
Now we have an opportunity, thanks to a Youth Project, to build a small multipurpose hall. We would like to move the preschool from the Community hall to this new hall, but then we need some extra funding. Total sum would come to USD 6400, so we are now starting to save. Every dollar is helping, so if you are doing a fundraiser or a Collection in the cafeteria or lunch room, it helps :)

Give preschool education to the Children
here and at the same time give a Christmas gift to your friend/family?
  -"Dear grandma, this year I give you a part of a classroom for children at Salvation Army preschool in Rwanda"
Sounds interesting?
Every dollar/kr/franc is helpful, we will start building with whatever funding we have and continue part for part as funding is available. The salvationists and families in the village will also contribute with Labour and some materials, so they are involved to build a better future for their Children.
1 Square meter brick wall incl cement         500 SEK     USD 80       50000 RWF
1 Square cement floor (ground and floor)    350 SEK      USD 56      35000 RWF
1 roof metal sheet                                        70 SEK       USD 12      7000 RWF 
1 roof beam                                                 40 SEK        USD 7        4000 RWF
1 side door metal                                        750 SEK      USD 120    75000 RWF
1 double door for entrance                         1500 SEK     USD 240   150000 RWF 
1 metal window (exkl glass)                        650 SEK      USD 104    650000 RWF
If you look around on the blog you can also find other "presents" to give; maybe a contribution to the animal bank, or do a regular sponsorship for a year or so...

Get in touch with The Salvation Army Sponsorship Secretary in your country and they will help you celebrate the Christmas joy in all kinds of ways.
Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Sponsorship Secretary


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