In 2012, after seeing that there was a challenge of children who were in the community, without any proper care the Salvation Army, Rubuye outpost encouraged the parents to start a preschool using the hall of the Salvation Army. It started with 100 children. It has now 1 teacher. This school is self supporting; there is no other source of income apart from school fees which is very low. This money is used to pay the teacher. They don’t have classrooms, playground, they don’t have feeding programme and some children just come from home without taking anything because of poverty
Rubuye preschool is in the southern Part of Rwanda in Kamonyi District.  The area did not have  a preschools around since the children were walking long distance to school and very early which is not safe to them. The parents committee is put in place to for see the development of the school and to make sure that the parents are paying school fees for their children so that the teachers can get their salaries.
Rubuye preschool is not sponsored by the salvation Army, but it assists them to get learning materials and other things things like desks and chairs as we did this year from the donations sent to us from AUs territory. we also provided them porridge for one term
the school has 80 Children attending the preschool from 43 children last year. You see the number is really growing tremendously. The school is really struggling on their own to pay the teachers, but it's not easy to them. sometimes the teachers do not get all their salaries but they never stop working. They are committed.
The school is facing challenges of classrooms and the government has given them warning not to use the hall as classroom but have separate place for the children.

Feeding Program Burundi

The food was able to feed 70 families from Burundi community.

Money for just one Gift - Feeding program in Butundi District.

The feeding program covered 70 families from Burundi. and the big community was able to benefit from the Salvation Army

Burundi Salvationist Uniform Celebration 4 Aug 2013

We are marching in the light of God
Marching on the streets of Bujumbura, Burundi. The salvationists looked so nice in
new blouses, skirts, metal s and slip ons for celebrating 6 year anniversary of the official
opening of the Salvation Army in Burundi (5 Aug 2007)
Photo: A-M

and this day was also the finale of the saving Campaign: "Let´s save up for new uniforms"
a six month saving programme. This day was the first (but not last?)
                                  SALVATIONIST UNIFORM
                                      CELEBRATION DAY
Photo: A-M
76 salvationists took part of the programme and 46 had saved enough to be able to get
one or more details for uniform. In Burundi most of the members live in poverty, many
of our fellow salvationists are what we would say "vulnerable" living below poverty line,
which means they have less than US$1 per day. More than 80% counts as unemploued
in Burundi, living off what the land can give. To have a uniform has not been possible
for some and not prioritized by others.
Photo: A-M
Last year the Section Officers for Burundi approached me as Sponsorship Secretary and
asked what they could do about this. We talked and I suggested a programme of saving
during a longer period of time. I made posters and paper cards to put in the Bible to help
Officers to promote the project.

Photo and Layout: A-M
For six months the salvationist were to save every month with the help by the section.
All money were to be documented and put in the bank.
Photo: A-M
Soon, some women started saving and they encoraged more to follow. Even some of
the children and youth joined the savings programme. From Projects Department we also
put together a Concept Note for Mission Support so that maybe we could get some extra
funding. The project was not picked up by any donor, but we got a small donation from a territory
that could assist in the project.
Photo: A-M 
Major Robert, Project Officer and Captain Emmanuel, Public Relations Officer during
the march.
 Photo: A-M
Photo: A-M
A minute of tomorrow´s history!
The ladies did well. When finalizing the list, we could see that many of them were able to
save to get something. For example many wished to save up for  the "metal S" we put on the
jacket of the uniform.
Thanks to the donation we could double the money and there were so many happy happy
faces when we announced how much they had saved up on their own.
Imana n´inziza, God is good!
Photo: A-M
 Salvationist MrsTabu looking good in her uniform (and a new blouse)  :)
Photo: A-M
Saluting Officer Commanding
All salvationists greeting the Officer Commanding, Lt Colonel Joan Dunwoodie in front
of the Section Office and Hall.
Photo: A-M 
Item from a Youth group from the section
Photo: A-M 
Testimonies from the project
Mr Pamello is giving his testimony of how he signed up for the saving programme
"Salvationist Uniform Celebration". He was happy to be one of the best savers and encouraged
the congregation to start a "phase 2" - to save during six months and keep celebrating
The Salvationist Uniform Celebration Day.
The project came to be to encourage and empower the salvationists to save up whatever
small sum every month for six month and be able to buy uniform details like shirt, skirt,
trousers, tie, slip ons, metal S and so on... and he felt blessed that the church helped him
achieve to get fabric for shirt and trousers fabric and even get the cost for tailoring thanks
to the donation from salvationists in another country.
Photo: Robert
Mrs Charlotte took part of the project and was the person who after six months had
saved the most. She was able to get fabric and have the tailor sew a full uniform.
A beautiful blouse had been given from a donor together with some metal S and epaulettes
to the project and  and it was given as contribution for the good work she had done.
Photo: Robert
Mrs Charlotte and Agnes received two brouches to wear to the uniform and they
encoraged their fellow salvationist to join the programme in the "phase2" - "we will not
stop now, we want to continue saving!"
We had also received some blouses, slip ons, epaulettes, brouches from salvationists
in Sweden when we were home for furlough, that we could give as encouragement to the
"best savers"
Photo: Robert
I stated the women did the best results... I have found that often it is the women who do
that, so we wanted to encourage the men to step up. The three men that had saved  the
most were asked to pep/encourage and promote the saving programme by giving their
testimonies to fellow male salvationists. Mr Obed, the best from youth savers was given
epaulettes for his uniform, Mr Samuel got slip ons and Mr Pamello got a London style
Salvation Army shirt.
Photo: Robert
Youth saving, too!
Yes, 17 children and youth had joined the programme saving a little bit every month.
14 of these were, with addition from the donation able to get slip ons.
Photo: Robert
All those children were called by name and received the slip ons from the hand of
Officer Commanding, Lt Colonel Joan Dunwoodie.
Photo: Robert
Photo: Robert
Photo: Robert

 Photo: Robert
Photo: Robert
Sewing machines for Burundi Section
We ended the Salvationist Uniform Celebration part of the meeting by praying and dedicating
two "butterfly" sewing machines and as a surprise, one electrical basic sewing machine
to the work of the Lord. The section now have four non electrical and two elecrical machines
- maybe we will see a vocational training in sewing in the near future?
Photo: Robert
Did you notice the jar in front of me on the platform? When we arrived to Rwanda
in March 2012 I almost immediately started putting the very "small" coins in a jar, because
I didn´t know their value enough to feel comfortable to use them when shopping. Today
the jar is full of coins and when counting amounted to 15,000 Rwf which is a lot of money!
So I used the jar as an example that even the smallest contribution to the savings
programme will eventually come to be enough to buy something you really want/need...
Saving is empowering you to get that, and helps you to treasure even the smallest coin
as an important part of the plan for the future.
Photo: Robert
6 year anniversary!
This was also the 6 year anniversary of the official Salvation Army opening fire in Burundi.
Many items were presented from the salvationists from the different outposts.
Here the inspirational tambourine brigade:
Photo: A-M 
Photo: A-M 
Photo: A-M 
Photo: A-M 
The Officer Commanding, Liet Colonel Joan Dunwoodie preached this day...and no photo
can be posted because we all listened and paid attention to the message :)
The Home League Singers from Bujumbura also shared an item during the meting
Photo: A-M
All photos: Copyright by Anna-Maria Tuftström
Can be used within The Salvation Army by permission
Originals can be sent to you via 

Uniform Celebration Day

-Together we save to get uniforms!
When we met for Officers refresher course a couple of months ago, our leaders in Burundi, Section Officers Majors Moureen and Japheth asked the Sponsorship Department if there was any way they could ask for help to get funding for uniforms. They told us how very many, several hundreds of the salvationists and Junior Soldiers in Burundi does not own a uniform. Not because they don´t want to, but because they cannot afford to get one. Many of our members are  poor, if they shop clothes, they buy second hand at the market... I asked them to write a Concept Note, so that I could get more information about the situation. I also said that if we can get this approved as a project, it could take more than a year, maybe many more if a donor would be interested to help out. 
So parallell to writing the Concept Note we encourage the salvationists to start saving whatever they can. Now we have started the Uniform Celebration Campaign... Hopefully, this will help encourage to start saving up for shirt/skirt/pants, epilettes and tie/brooch for both Junior Soldiers and adult Salvationists.
We have made book marks that the slavationist can put in the Bible and every month see how much they can save and together with treasurer/Corps Leader reach for the sky!
For the children, it is not easy to help them, their parents cannot afford buying uniforms, so we hope that a donor will come forward, pick up the Concept Note proposal and want to support the 160 young members that are in the "vulnerable" category. 
Photos and layout posters/banners:
Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Free to share within the Salvation Army. (Please send an email to us for information/permission)


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