Rukeri Preschool new shoes part 3


The children get a chance to put on their new shoes.

They are now smart in the new shoes.
Sponsorship Secretary gave them shoes according to pre
measured sizes.

All Children were very exited about their new shoes!

Rukeri children new shoes part 2

The teacher is asking them some questions to see if they
remember what they are being taught.

They are now singing an expression of happiness.

Sponsorship Secretary talking to them and telling them
the reason why she has come to see them.

This is the class they are having class in, it is built
by mud bricks and even the floor is made of mud
and is dusty. Difficult to keep clean.

Section officer Captain Damascene talking to the children.

The children are explaining the parts of the body

They were surprised to have visitors visiting them
since Rukeri is a very rural area.
(During rain season it can sometimes be impossible to go there.)

Rukeri Preschool Shoes Distribution part 1 (3)

This is the building where Rukeri children are learning from.
Section Officer showing us the area of Rukeri.
Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa
looking at the area of Rukeri.
Rukeri area plantation of bananas.
The Journey started well from CHQ to Rukeri preschool.

Sponsorship Secretary talking to Bitare preschool children and parents


New shoes! The children were happy beyond recognition, some carrying their
old shoes in their hands. Thank you dear donors! This means so much!

Sponsorship Secretary at Bitare addressing the Issue of school fees and
why it is important to pay for our children


Rubuye Preschool children get new shoes from donor

When going to Rubuye preschool I was welcomed by the
Section Officer Captain Obed
I, Sponsorship Secretary talked to the children and introduced myself
Rubuye children in their new shoes. Looking good!

It has taken a while to get these shoes to the Children, but it was so good
to see them try on the shoes, knowing it was their own.

After a blessed day we Went back to Kigali.

Runda preschool visitation

Officer's Quarter

This are officers of Runda preschool during shoes distribution.
The teacher with the children playing
Sponsorship Secretary, colleague officers and the teacher
in a circle playing
Runda Salvation Army church where the children have their classroom..

The officers of Bitare Corps /Preschool.

This officers are doing well in taking care of the preschool children.


Bitare Compound

The Children of Bitare Preschool with new shoes and we pray that they get a donor because the parents are really struggling.
Singing for the Lord.

Sponsorship Secretary distributing shoes to children


It was a wonderful day seeing children in their new shoes

Government Official talking to the parentd and children

DDwm also addressing the parents.
During the ceremony there was one of the government Official from education sector who came to witness what the salvation is doing to children.

Bitare preschool

Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa together with the DDWM kamonyi Division Visited Bitare Preschool in order to give the children Shoes for school. Parents and children were ready to receive us.

Rubuye preschool

Very happy in new shoes
Children are now in their new shoes.

 Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa talking to the children and the teacher of Rubuye. 

Runda children in their new shoes

Sponsorship secretary and the section officer with children of Runda preschool.
The children are very happy and praying for the sponsors,

Preschools Shoes Distributions

Sponsorship Secretary with the Corps officers of Runda plus the Section officer ready to give out shoes
Section officer Captain obedi talking to the children



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