Rwanda preschools

Rwanda and Burundi Command have 9 Preschools running.  5 Preschools are sponsored from their institutional support and 4 Preschools are not sponsored but supported by small donations from our donors from SAWSO,AUS,USC and USE territories. There are two Preschools that have just started and these are Batsinda and Taba preschools respectively. But the main Sponsored Preschools are sponsored by AUS territory,Netherlands,Sweden/Latvia
The two pictures are Rwimiyaga Preschool sponsored by the Netherlands territory. The first picture is food given to them and the second picture the children are happy playing on their swings bought from the just gifts money and what is seen behind them is the kitchen where they prepare their porridge.
The Second pictures are Gituro /Nyagatare Preschool enjoying the visit of sponsorship secretary to their preschool major violet Nyongesa.They are receiving food staff.
5 and 6 pictures are for Rutobwe preschool. They have 61 children attending the preschool and one classroom which was donated by Mrs. Barbra and is not enough because the law of the government requires 35 children per class.
7 and 8 Pictures are Children from Catherine booth preschool kayenzi singing to the Sponsorship Secretary major Violet Nyongesa who made a visit to their Preschool
     This is Rubuye Preschool Listening as their teachers teach

Preschools Updates in Rwanda

Rwimiyaga,John Gowans Preschool children playing on their swings given by our donors. Much appreciated by the government sector and the parents.
The Corps officer for John Gowans Rwimiyaga uploading the food for the Preschools. The School is sponsored by the Netherlands territory
The second Picture is for Catherine Booth preschool sponsored by AUS territory children receiving food form the Salvation army. Sponsorship secretary Major Violet Nyongesa handing the food to The school Administrator Captain Mudenge
Rwanda have 9 Preschools that are running now. 5 of them being sponsored and 4 none - Sponsored but being supported with small donations to keep them going. The 4 none Sponsored are  supported by the SAWSO and from AUS .
The third picture are the children from Rutobwe Preschool sponsored by AUS territory playing
Still Rutobwe preschool receiving their food from the salvation army and the children plus parents are very much happy and they do appreciate for the work the salvation army is doing.
The Sponsorship Secretary has just arrived at Gituro  Nyagatare and the School Administrator is uploading food for the Preschool
Still Gituro Preschhol Now food has been uploaded.


Children receiving food now. You can see how they are happy.
This is the Salvation hall for Rubuye Preschool where the Children also are learning from. They have 80 Children attending the preschool with two classes. One learning from the office and the other one from the hall, With 2 teachers .
The Children are ready to receive the sponsorship secretary Major Violet Nyongesa
Now talking to the children before giving them food stuffs from our Donors,AUS Territory.
Food being removed from the truck at Bitare preschool.
The Children are very happy and just wished the porridge could be prepared.


The Party celebration mood after being given their $100 from USC territory from SAWSO
The Children happy holding their drinks and biscuits and thanking God for the Sponsors who have made them celebrate Christmas.
They are now sharing the food together and they feel happy  to be in the salvation army.
Parents trying to serve the children and the Parents plus their teachers.
The parents are ready to celebrate with the children as we can see, they are eating together with the children. Thanks to our donors who have made our Children put a smile on their faces. god bless you all


The Schools Administrators and teachers ready for the workshop that took place on 18.01.2018 at CHQ at 8.30 a.m. and ended up at 2.30 p.m. It was o one day workshop for all the 9 Preschools in Rwanda and Burundi Command informing them about the closure of this Projects and what their sustainability is towards the Projects.
Singing as they wait to welcome the GS who was starting with the Bible word and later teach about the contacts and administrations
Fs teaching about Preschools Finance and self support and many of them had a lot of questions to ask about the self support.
The Administrators and teachers taking their ten o'clock tea before they can continue with the workshop.
The Sponsorship Secretary and Education Coordinator also taught them concerning the schools and Sponsorship money


This is Bitare preschool situated in bitare village having 33 Children attending the Preschool and it's run by the parents who thought it wise to have a preschool there since the children were going far which was dangerous to them. Sponsorship secretary Major Violet Nyonesa together with lt. Yvonne with the children and their teacher
The Children are happy ause whenever they see the Sponsorship they know something has come and its true we took them food from the donations from AUS since they are none Sponsored


The administrators very attentive to the lessons taught. as seen from the above  Photos. The below photo are the facilitators of the day with the administrators and the section officer for Batsinda corps
The New Preschools administrators gathered at Batsinda Corps for the their workshop concerning the Preschools administration. The facilitators were Finance secretary Major Leonard Nyongesa teaching about finance and how to handle preschools funds,Project administrator Mr. Francois teaching about Projects,Sponsorship Secretary teaching about Sponsorship money and budgets  and our Officer Commanding Lt.Col.Seth Appeateng teaching about Transparency and Accountability.
The administrators were from Rwimiyaga,Rubirizi,Rutobwe and Rubuye Preschools.



Started with parents. And the parents committee is put in place to monitor the running of the school.

The school has 80 Children attending the Preschool from 43 last year

•   The Preschool is not sponsored but the TSA support in small things like when the donations come. We buy them materials, such as learning materials tables and chairs for both children and the teachers.

The school is really struggling on their own to pay the two teachers, but its not easy.

•   Sometimes the teachers do not get all their salaries.

From the donations sent to us

•   Rubuye Preschool is able to take porridge at school and sit on good nice chairs and tables.

The Children are too many and the government has given warning not to learn from the TSA hall but to have their own classrooms where the children and the teachers can enjoy while learning
Challenges faced in Rubuye Preschool : Not sponsored, No Classrooms, Teachers sometimes not paid because the parents cannot afford, No Porridge,



In 2012, after seeing that there was a challenge of children who were in the community, without any proper care the Salvation Army, Rubuye outpost encouraged the parents to start a preschool using the hall of the Salvation Army. It started with 100 children. It has now 1 teacher. This school is self supporting; there is no other source of income apart from school fees which is very low. This money is used to pay the teacher. They don’t have classrooms, playground, they don’t have feeding programme and some children just come from home without taking anything because of poverty
Rubuye preschool is in the southern Part of Rwanda in Kamonyi District.  The area did not have  a preschools around since the children were walking long distance to school and very early which is not safe to them. The parents committee is put in place to for see the development of the school and to make sure that the parents are paying school fees for their children so that the teachers can get their salaries.
Rubuye preschool is not sponsored by the salvation Army, but it assists them to get learning materials and other things things like desks and chairs as we did this year from the donations sent to us from AUs territory. we also provided them porridge for one term
the school has 80 Children attending the preschool from 43 children last year. You see the number is really growing tremendously. The school is really struggling on their own to pay the teachers, but it's not easy to them. sometimes the teachers do not get all their salaries but they never stop working. They are committed.
The school is facing challenges of classrooms and the government has given them warning not to use the hall as classroom but have separate place for the children.

Preschools health Charts materials

Preschools got a donation from AUS for purchasing health charts for teaching the Children . Thanks so much to our donors and may god bless you richly.


On 10.11.2016 we had Preschools reporting with the Schools Administrators. These were Lt Xavier from Nyagatare Gituro preschool, Corps from John Gowans,Lt Jean Bosco from Rutobwe,  Lt Baptist from Runda and Corps leader from Rubirizi Preschool kayonza. We were checking on how the Preschools had done the term Three as compared to other terms. We looked at Finance, Bank slips, bank statements. Narrative report budgets school time table and minutes book. Those checking were Mr. François, Finance Secretary, sponsorship Secretary and education Coordinator. The general secretary was also present for a word of encouragement.

Feeding Program Burundi

The food was able to feed 70 families from Burundi community.



The child without uniform is total orphan no one to take care of him. He depends on the preschool where he gets happiness.
It was wonderful visiting Rubuye Preschool that is none sponsored but only supported by the parents.  03.09.2016 was a good day for me and the Education coordinator plus the section officer to visit Rubuye in order to see what is going on there. But our main aim was to take them Preschool materials e.g. books, pencils, pens and so many other things. It has 44 children attending the Preschool with two teachers. The parents are really struggling to pay the teachers and they pray that one day they will get someone to lean on. We had wonderful time with the children as shown below. There are so many challenges they are facing. Like paying the teachers, no classrooms and the government have warned them not to start the year in the hall. We are praying that they get help from well wishes, The school has nice children and competent teachers

Money for just one Gift - Feeding program in Butundi District.

The feeding program covered 70 families from Burundi. and the big community was able to benefit from the Salvation Army


The shoes were supported from the Waverly temple and we are very grateful since the children and their parents are happy for the Salvation army. And they say thank you and god bless them. even the Learning materials we are grateful


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