The shoes were supported from the Waverly temple and we are very grateful since the children and their parents are happy for the Salvation army. And they say thank you and god bless them. even the Learning materials we are grateful


Visited Rubirizi 27 .10.2015. The Children attending preschool are 53 and 30 will be going to primary. Rubirizi preschool is doing well and the teachers are committed in their work. But challenges that they are facing is that the salary is too small and the cost of living is too expensive. Because they earn 25,000 each which is equivalent to $50. They don't have classrooms, they use the salvation Army as a classroom and learning is not easy. They have divided the hall in two for P1 and P2 concentration not easy. They always pray to get someone who can change their lives by increasing their salaries and even having classrooms. And even to have bonus to appreciate their work. Parents also came to look way forward for the preschool after finishing the preparation of the land where classrooms will be constructed.
The problems facing the preschool is that they don't have playing equipment and the school is just near the road and the children are always playing near there. The children come to school with no proper school shoes, most of them put on plastic sandals. Just see the shoes . If we can get a donation for shoes then we can really appreciate for that so  that they look uniform.

Thank you letter."

Thank you for all the sponsors who are sponsoring Preschools in Rwanda and Burundi Command Thank you for your support! I am glad this blog can encourage you and give you the opportunity to share the blessings of being a sponsor. You make a great impact on the lives of this children it is so amazing to see them smile and realize that there is someone to lean on.Sponsorhip Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa. God Bless you all our sponsors. There are still three preschool that still are not sponsored and looking forward to getting one that is touched by this children. The three Preschools are Bitare,Rubuye and Rukeri.

Preschool reporting 14.11.2014.

During reporting there is the sharing of bread with tea together.
Preschool Reporting going on with the Education Secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha and Finance Secretary Captain Leonard Nyongesa with the Section officers. We were checking on the following: Budget term 3 review, Budgets for 2015,Term activity, Financial Report, Attendance Records,  Class Diary, Receipts books/balance sheets and all documentations. It was properly done and I say thank you to the Section Officers. Only one section Officer who did not turn for reporting for Gituro and John Gowans preschool.
Finance Secretary with section officer Kigali checking books for Rubirizi Preschool. Finance secretary was of help to us to assist in Finance journal.
Education secretary going through the books of Catherine Booth kayenzi with Section Officer Captain Damascene
It was on 14.11.2014 when the section Officers came for preschool reporting 3rd term. The general secretary was the guest to speak to Section Officers. He gave an encouragement form the book of 2 Corinthians 8:1-5,empasizing on giving themselves to God and taking good care of the children. There is always a blessing when taking care of the poor.

Section Officer and Parents Committee

The Section Officer had a meeting with the Section Officer on the
matter concerning Rubirizi preschool

Education Secretary and Sponsorship Secretary meets wth teachers

it was during the monitoring visit that the education SecrtaryCaptainDancille
Mukafuraha and  the  Sponsorship Secretary  Captain Violet Nyongesa decided to meet with the teachers concerning the curriculum of the school.

Donation materials Equipments and the Cupboard

These  are the materials and    Equipments  for preschools from the donors and the Cupboard for storing them.

Pig Pass Project introduction.

Mr. Innocent introduced the Pig pass project that was going
to benefit the parents and their Children. Not all children but vulnerable ones.

Teachers and cook bonus and Christmas gift

The Sponsorship Secretary managed to give the teachers and the cook their Bonus and their Christmas Gift as a sign of good work.

After meeting with the parents

This was on 22.08.2014  when we visited Rubirizi preschool.
We managed to speak with the parents about the school
and how to improve it.We worshiped with them and we had prayers together.

Preshool Donations

Sponsorship Secretary Education Secretary Section officer
and teachers showing the donations from unicef.

Monitoring Visit Rubirizi Preschool

The Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa was together with
Education Secretary Captain Dancille, Mr. Innocent teachers and the Children.
This is after talking to the children and the teachers.

"WASH" - a project of water and sanitation for Rubirizi village

Yesterday we celebrated! Now the final part of the WASH project is accomplished, a water pump
is in place in Rubirizi! Thank you dear friends for this wonderful gift- a whole village can now
benefit from clean water and the women can get water in the village and feel safe.

Here is a little film. Enjoy!  (if you want it in high quality, just let us know and we´ll send it to you)

Films from 2012-2014 Sponsorship and project work (Updated 27 March)

Hi everybody! 
It is time to summerize our work during 2012-2014... so here will we publish some of the results in the form of short films. We have been approved to stay on some 4 extra months, so we will be back home in June and not in March as first ordered.... /AT
If you go to you can search for Rutobwe preschool, copy or click the link: and you will be able to watch a short film from Rutobwe preschool.
If you go to you can either write "Gituro Projects film AT dator" or copy
the link  and you will reach a short film from Gituro, Nyagatare
If you write "Rubirizi hall and preschool project AT 2014 dator" or copy the link
you will get the Rubirizi film.
If you write Rwimiyaga preschool or copy the link  and you will get theJohn Gowans preschool and Rwimiyaga film. The film is called " Rwimiyaga preschool and youth project AT 2014 dator"
And a film from Kigali,  "Kigali Projects Film AT" showing Batsinda Hall,
Officers Quarters at Batsinda and CHQ, Kibagabaga
And in "Runda Projects" you can visit the preschool and the beginning of the hair dressing
saloon vocational training...
we support the Parents Committe preschool and have started a hair saloon Project at the
Corps. Click or copy the link and you will see the short film.
The internet here is slow and it is not easy to upload good quality so if you want the films in good quality,
just send an email to:
More films will come :)

Teachers' fellowship 11 Dec 2013

The theme was...
transparency and accountability; how to ensure financial accurancy...
and of course to enjoy Christmas; enjoy each others company, give information, share
a meal together and assure our teachers they are doing a great job and give them a
Christmas gift; a calendar for the year 2014.
Role play; to practically do the financial administration...
and how to write receipts, how to save and document bankdeposit slips/TSA receipts for
the report and so on...
Lunch conversation and sharing together
The Christmas gift is handed to the teachers by the Section Officers present.

"How to do Teachers evaluation" with Captain Dancille, new appointed Education Officer
and "How to fill out the Registration Card" together with the parents when meeting,
Major Anna-Maria
Filling out the registration cards, noting information to use in the meeting with parents.
-And if you see an e-pad... the officers here have been blessed by a donation for a project
that enabled us to buy and train to use this modern tool. It is nice, we can see it is really
making a change in work environment, the officers now can read books, send emails,
write documents, use the internet... and it is helping a lot.
We encourage them all to use it, so we hope they all will see the potential to help them in
their work so they continue to train to get the capacity to use it.
Handing out CDs and books to the sponsored schools. Some of the non sponsored school
could also get some small gifts :) thanks to a small donation to Sponsorship department.
 Photos: Theobald Kabagema
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
(Photos and text can be used after permission for The Salvation Army media)


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