Preschool reporting 14.11.2014.

During reporting there is the sharing of bread with tea together.
Preschool Reporting going on with the Education Secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha and Finance Secretary Captain Leonard Nyongesa with the Section officers. We were checking on the following: Budget term 3 review, Budgets for 2015,Term activity, Financial Report, Attendance Records,  Class Diary, Receipts books/balance sheets and all documentations. It was properly done and I say thank you to the Section Officers. Only one section Officer who did not turn for reporting for Gituro and John Gowans preschool.
Finance Secretary with section officer Kigali checking books for Rubirizi Preschool. Finance secretary was of help to us to assist in Finance journal.
Education secretary going through the books of Catherine Booth kayenzi with Section Officer Captain Damascene
It was on 14.11.2014 when the section Officers came for preschool reporting 3rd term. The general secretary was the guest to speak to Section Officers. He gave an encouragement form the book of 2 Corinthians 8:1-5,empasizing on giving themselves to God and taking good care of the children. There is always a blessing when taking care of the poor.

Rukeri Preschool shoes celebration

The Children of Rukeri Teacher and the parents are very happy for the new shoes for their children.They thank all the donors who contributed for the shoes and they are really praying for them
Children are now fitting in the shoes to see the size they can take.
The hall where children are learning.
The teacher and the children ready to receive the shoes.They are in their classroom.
Section officer Captain Damascene,the CSM and the teacher assisting the children in fitting the shoes.

Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa talking to the children.
The Children in their new shoes with the sponsorship secretary.
Before they are given shoes, in class learning. This is the school that is struggling on their own without sponsorship to make sure that the children are learning and the teacher is paid her salary.


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