Preschools Updates in Rwanda

Rwimiyaga,John Gowans Preschool children playing on their swings given by our donors. Much appreciated by the government sector and the parents.
The Corps officer for John Gowans Rwimiyaga uploading the food for the Preschools. The School is sponsored by the Netherlands territory
The second Picture is for Catherine Booth preschool sponsored by AUS territory children receiving food form the Salvation army. Sponsorship secretary Major Violet Nyongesa handing the food to The school Administrator Captain Mudenge
Rwanda have 9 Preschools that are running now. 5 of them being sponsored and 4 none - Sponsored but being supported with small donations to keep them going. The 4 none Sponsored are  supported by the SAWSO and from AUS .
The third picture are the children from Rutobwe Preschool sponsored by AUS territory playing
Still Rutobwe preschool receiving their food from the salvation army and the children plus parents are very much happy and they do appreciate for the work the salvation army is doing.
The Sponsorship Secretary has just arrived at Gituro  Nyagatare and the School Administrator is uploading food for the Preschool
Still Gituro Preschhol Now food has been uploaded.


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