Teachers' fellowship 11 Dec 2013

The theme was...
transparency and accountability; how to ensure financial accurancy...
and of course to enjoy Christmas; enjoy each others company, give information, share
a meal together and assure our teachers they are doing a great job and give them a
Christmas gift; a calendar for the year 2014.
Role play; to practically do the financial administration...
and how to write receipts, how to save and document bankdeposit slips/TSA receipts for
the report and so on...
Lunch conversation and sharing together
The Christmas gift is handed to the teachers by the Section Officers present.

"How to do Teachers evaluation" with Captain Dancille, new appointed Education Officer
and "How to fill out the Registration Card" together with the parents when meeting,
Major Anna-Maria
Filling out the registration cards, noting information to use in the meeting with parents.
-And if you see an e-pad... the officers here have been blessed by a donation for a project
that enabled us to buy and train to use this modern tool. It is nice, we can see it is really
making a change in work environment, the officers now can read books, send emails,
write documents, use the internet... and it is helping a lot.
We encourage them all to use it, so we hope they all will see the potential to help them in
their work so they continue to train to get the capacity to use it.
Handing out CDs and books to the sponsored schools. Some of the non sponsored school
could also get some small gifts :) thanks to a small donation to Sponsorship department.
 Photos: Theobald Kabagema
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
(Photos and text can be used after permission for The Salvation Army media)


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