John Gowans Preschool, Rwimiyaga

We all live in one...
world, although we live in different parts of the world, speak different languages and look differently. Everywhere in the world you go, children, women and men always long for love, hope and peace. This map will show us where all visitors and Salvation Army staff come from, we come from Australia, Malawi, Sweden, Haiti..

And this is Africa, can you put the diamond sticker on Rwanda? Look, how many diamonds we have on our map :D   Next time you have a visitor you can put another diamond on the place from where he/she comes from.


Dancing and soccer
Last term the two schools in  Nyagatare; Gituro and John Gowans challenged each other in a traditional dance competition. The evaluation of that was good and now they are planning to do something for next end of term too. ”Maybe soccer competition this time”, Mr Emmy says. ”It is fun and helps develop inter-personal skills and conflict management.”


Community hall issues
The preschool with its 100 registered children is situated in the Community hall, where the Salvation Army outpost also do all their activities. It is not the best circumstance, but until now it has been the only hall that has been available. The preschool children are often sent home because the community hall is used for other activities, which interferes a great deal with their schooling.


The community announced a rent rise of 50% but in a meeting with them we agreed that the Salvation Army pay rent for all church activities in the Community hall, but preschool activities are for community and should not be charged with rent at all. We are still considering our options. We do need a building where the outpost and the preschool can meet. Please pray for this!

Every day the children get education, they meet other children, play and get nutrition. A cook prepares the porridge in a kitchen that we rent in the village. All this is possible because of our sponsors :)



That makes me proud!
Mr Alex and Emmy are the teachers at John Gowans Preschool in Rwimiyaga. Five days a week the children meet 07:00-10:00 and I asked them what makes it worth being a teacher, what makes them happy in their job? Mr Alex teaches in preschool 2 (5-7 year olds): ” When I see a child struggle and then finally suceed, that makes me happy!”

Mr Emmanuel who looks after the ”babies”, 3-4 year olds: ”The children are so young when they come here. Many of them are afraid of the other children and of the new enviroment. So I teach them to greet each other by using dance, song and play. I am happy and proud when I teach them and the children repeat as I have taught them.”

 And what about the football/soccer game?  
Yes, we have a result! Remember the football competition? Well, Gituro and John Gowans preschools organized it in term 2 and the winner was John Gowans (in red shirts), Rwimiyaga with the score 2-1.

Do you want to sponsor football equipment? Shoes, t-shirts for two teams?
Why John Gowans?
I don´t know how the school name was chosen so if anybody out there in the big big world knows why this name was chosen for the school, I´m happy to know. Maybe there is a story behind it all... curious...
Photos: Carolina Tuftstrom
Photo Shop: Anna-Maria Tuftström
For free use by permission; the Salvation Army. Others send an email and we´ll work it out :)


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