Mattresses and blankets to refugee camp

When we came to Rwanda in March 2012 we soon heard the news. The news that once again Rwanda, Uganda and several neighboring countries had to meet the needs of Congolese refugees, running away from death and persecution in DRC. A new camp has since then
been set up in Kigeme where the government tries to help together with UNHCR and international and national NGOs.
Here is some information from UNHCR website and a young womans story:
The Salvation Army Emergency Service soon responded to the call for help and has so far contributed for medicin for the Camp clinic through a national NGO.

Also we will distribute mattresses and blankets (kitenges) for the most vulnerable in the camp. We hope to get axess to the camp as soon as possible, but it takes time, many different people and offices has to approve our project to enter the camp for distribution before we actually can go there, and even when all permits has been granted and UNHCR has approved it, you never really know if you will get axess anyway. We hope to give away 1800 mattresses in this first distribution to identified, documented disabled, challenged and mentally ill refugees.
Here in the new camp, the refugees "lives" in tents from the UNHCR, all very close to each other on the terasses of the hills.
When the rainseason comes the whole camp is covered in mud, mud and more mud. When we visited last time, the refugees helped making special "ditches" where hopefully the rain would choose its path down the hill and prevent some flooded tents. The cooking is done next to the tents, so there is always a risk for fire. There is rations for food, firewood and there is no electricity.
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