Want to help sponsor Rutobwe preschool?

Hi again!
Just thought I would give you some photos and info of the preschool in Rutobwe, Muhanga district.
Here 35 children meet in the Salvation Hall every Monday-Friday for a couple of hours in the morning.
On the agenda
is Pre-Math, Pre-English and Pre-writing. Counting, learning the letters and then some body parts in the English language. (Photo from May 2012, my first visit to Rutobwe, accompanied by CPWM; Lt Colonel Jamiya Nyambalo, Project Administrator Mr Francois Nsengimena, Mrs Wendy Evans, Project Officer Major Robert Tuftstrom and section officer Captain Theobold)
Of course the children play, sing and do some sports so sponsors also help us with gifts; books, toys and balls, music instruments, crayons and other things. .
The command has just finished a small kitchen
made by mud bricks and during the day the cook serve some porridge made on the "stove" with firewood as heater. There is no electricity, so that is wished for.
The last time I visited Rutobwe (sep 2012) the kitchen was up and running.
Now we are able to cook for the children (the government requires all schools to have a kitchen if they want to serve food). It is an important part of the preschool, to provide nourishment. Many children in Rwanda will have development problems due to difficulty getting enough nourishment and we can help prevent that for "our" preschool children.
The parents come together and pay a school fee for their children so that they can pay a small salary for a teacher. Thanks to sponsors we have been able to provide the food, the cook and contribute to the teacher´s salary. The school now has two black boards, new uniforms for all children in the class and some new toys and books.
You want to help sponsor this school?
Speak to the Sponsorship Department in your territory and they will help you become regular sponsor for these children or send an e-mail to us and we will have them get in touch with you.
Copyright; Photos and Photo Shop: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Permission for use within The Salvation Army.
If you want to use them in other business, send us an e-mail and we´ll work it out :)

Postat av: Jonathan Taube

Thanks for giving us these updates! My wife and I sponsor this preschool, but we also pray for these kids and their teachers and officers each week, and it is so encouraging to see their faces and all the great things that the LORD is doing there.

Svar: Thank you for your support! I am glad this blog can encourage you and give you the opportunity to share the blessing of being a sponsor. You make such an impact in these children´s lives, it is so amazing to see them go to primary school at six years of age, knowing they are READY for school, trained in speech, pre math pre English/kinyarwanda and so on. It is a gift from God through the Sponsors hands. Again Thank you!

2013-01-11 @ 16:09:57

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