An ordinary day at work?

(Yesterday and the day before I tried to publish this post, and did indeed manage to do so, but not with the photo. So today I try again, better luck this time :) ...)
"-So tell me about an ordinary day at work" I was asked by a colleague for an interview in the Swedish issue of The War Cry...
I smiled when I read the question - an ordinary day, what is that? I am grateful and happy to announce that there are no ordinary days at work here, everyday is an open book. I might have planned to write a project Concept Note on the database, only to find we do not have internet access and maybe not even electricity, so then the planning has to be rearranged. Another day I have arranged with the driver to go shopping for preschools during the day and after four hours coming back to the office with some pens in a bag. At home, in Sweden that is, I´m used to go into a shop and get all the supplies I need, pay and go home with my goods within an hour or two. Here in Kigali, I must plan for many hours to be able to do the actual shopping, take at least a whole day to go out to many very small shops and see if they have the things I need. I have to bargain for every little pen, and for a person with a business mind that would be fun, but for me it is a really hard thing to get used to.
Today ( and all the other days this week) the people in Projects and Sponsorship Departments try to finish all the project ideas that we have, to put them on the Salvation Army database for international development projects. What would take three hours in Sweden takes two days here...
so now I am happy that I have started to write down some ideas and that the internet is working, we have electricity and the sun is shining and I have just had a cup of tea :) and now I will publish this blog post...
waiting for the photo to upload... still waiting...
... still waiting...
ok, no photo...
That´s life in Rwanda  Hakuna matata!
(YEEEEEEAH, SUCESS! :) Today the internet managed to upload! Happy happy!)


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