Catherine Booth Preschool (Kayenzi)

-What do I do?
-You jump! - We jump!
I am attending English class with teachers Marthe and Francoise. Mrs Marthe says the words and does the actions and the children respond with the same action and try to fill in the proper verb. The building is a nice and appropriate school building filled with blackboard, charts, chairs and all that they need in their daily school ife.

The preschool has been operating since 2003 on the Salvation Army compound at Mataba village, Kayenzi. The families are mostly poor subsistence farmers but are eager for their children to receive education. There is a Parents committee which determines the school fee to be paid for each child and other matters relating to the school. The parents have also purchased uniforms for their children. Around 30 children attend this preschool so the current space is sufficient.
Ongoing and future Projects: -Pig Project "Uniform and School for a pig"

Most of the children wear school uniform, but I learn that some cannot afford to pay the fees nor the uniforms. The Section Officer, Captain Jean Damascene tells me of an idea he has; to help the poorest families by providing them with a piglet to care for during a couple of months and then when he sells it, he can give them the profit so that they can pay all neccessary expenses. It warms my heart!
-Health Care Programme

We talk about the school and about challenges and I can see a well administrated school. He informs me of the preschool administrator meeting with the local government. They have told him that it is possible for the Catherine Booth Preschool to become a government approved school if there is a Health Care Programme for the children. We decide to write Concept Notes for both these projects.


This is a project that has been ongoing for a while and we are now in need of starting a new nutrition programme!
In the nutrition programme we give the children porridge once a day filled with extra nutrition, the parents are very happy with this as they now feel that their children will get some good food atleast once every schoolday!

Wishes and dreams:
Our dream is to become a certified Preschool with government standards!


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