The Sponsorship Team

Projects Administrator, Francois NSENGIMANA
(May 2010 - )
Greetings to you!

I am Francois NSENGIMANA, The Projects Administrator for Rwanda and Burundi Command. I am in charge of administration
of Mission support projects, community development projects and emergency projects.

Through "Faith Based Facilitation" tools, projects are identified, managed and implemented in order to achieve maximum positive results. All  projects are anchored
in the community for a long term
sustainability purposes

Let us all try our level best and move more rapidly towards the best changes we wish!

"There should not be a worse community unless no bright people"

Project Manager , Mr. Innocent Byiringiro
(February 2014-  )
My name is Innocent Byiringiro .
I have been working in Projects Department Rwanda and Burundi Command since February 2014 .
 I thank the Lord for everything that is happening;  to meet community needs in
this command and I am here to give my contribution.
I wish to do my best to meet the goal of projects in the Salvation Army.
Sponsorship Secretary, Captain Violet Nyongesa
(15 June 2014 -)
Hi! My name is Captain Violet Nyongesa and I am the Sponsorship Secretary. I arrived on May 1 2014 to Rwanda and Burundi Command.
I feel good to be here in Rwanda and Burundi and especially with my friend, Major Anna-Maria, she has made me feel good about having this appointment. 
The best thing about my job is to meet the needs of vulnerable children, families and the community
Sponsorship Secretary, Anna-Maria Tuftström
(March 2012-June 2014)
My name is Anna-Maria. I am the 'Sponsorship Secretary’ which means I'm responsible for sponsoring activities in the Salvation Army Rwanda and Burundi Command. I came here in March 2012 and will be here for two years. My work includes ensuring needs, plan and implement projects that can contribute to children's development, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, socially and physically.

The best thing about my job is that every child that is helped just might change the life and future for the whole family and the world because we were there and helped in a difficult situation!

Projects Officer, Robert Tuftström
(March 2012-June 2014)
 Hi! My name is Robert Tuftstrom and I am the Projects Officer. I´m in charge of identifying, planning and executing projects in Rwanda and Burundi. A project can be about putting up a Vocational Training (hairdresser, tailoring, carpenting, cleaning...) for vulnerable unskilled people. It can be to provide sanitation and clean water; to drill a waterhole, put up water harvesting systems or build toilets. A project can also be to assist the community with youth projects, sponsor preschool projects. We always do this work in cooperation with the village and the local government and Salvation Army.

Volunteer, Carolina Tuftström
(March 2012-June 2013)
My name is Carolina, I´m here in Rwanda as a volunteer for the Salvation Army Rwanda & Burundi Command.
My work includes making, keeping and running this website, being the photografer when we visit the preschools as well as helping wherever I am needed.

The best thing about helping as a volnteer is that I get to meet all of these children and help giving them more smiles and a bigger chance in life.
I’ve always loved children <3


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