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 A lot of things are happening at Rubirizi during this time. The hall is almost finished, we are soon to build a kitchen - here a kitchen is a mudbrickbuilding with mud floor and a "stove" made by mud where you put in long logs of wood... When that is done, we have received a gift so we can build latrines - also a mudbrick building with small rooms (2 ladies, 2 men I think) with a deep deep hole in the center, where you stand up while doing what you "need to do".
The last couple of days I have been painting...
I made a promise,  said I would help to paint a SA Crest, thinking it could be better than the one in Batsinda. That one we paid lots of money to have an "artist" to paint. Ever since I made that promise I have been worrying, thinking, planning and enjoyed the idea with some anguish :)

Did you know how many different versions you can find on the net when you google the SA Crest?
Many, I tell you!
First I needed to find out what colors to use for the crest; navyblue, screaming yellow, wine red?
Neeeh, I thought, I think I´ll go for a lighter version... made a test in the computer,
made two... and finally decided on a light red/crimson, light warm yellow and skyblue colour.
The S should "of course" bli in red- the blood of Jesus, our salvation; The Salvation Army...
The swords, yes, grey is a good color...
But the cross, what to do with the cross?
Red - no too much red
Yellow - no, enough with the crown and the sun
White - Risk that it won´t be seen-too light?
Black - not ever! Never ever even use the color black in a painting...
Brown - possible- but not too similar as the handles on the swords...
Yes, brown it is, with some grey in it.
And the text? White/black?
And the crown? Black? White? All the outlines? Black? White?
Made several different crests in Photo Shop, with different backgrounds
and coloring of the symbols, with lining, without lining, with perspective
different colors, without... Lots of time, just separating the different symbols...

Should the bullits be black?
Okey, so now I had the colours and no excuse not to put the brush to work...
On saturday I took a deep breath and started... I think it will be good. It is very simple, no perspective in
the motive, no depth or changing in lighter and darker areas, only plain simple colorbook version.
One days work finished.
Second day, it is looking good, the blue needs to be lighter, quickly remixed the colour...
After finishing the first part with the Crest, it was time to go for the second... it will be a triptyk when it is finished...
Jesus with the children. I have googled and looked at a hundred pictures of the search
 words "Jesus loves children"  and "three crosses" to find inspiration.
I will however change some things- the children will be africans, with dark skin and short
black hair. The child in Jesus lap will be wearing pants I think-
I want some children will wear the SA school uniform, because we will have a preschool
in the hall and this will show them that they are loved by Jesus.

I started with the clothes, because I did not know how to "attack" the skincolour. I have never painted black african skin before and I wanted it to be good, so that the salvationists, preschool children and villagers can say they want to have the painting in the hall. But eventually, I had to start doing the hair and the skin.
I started with the hair - and Jesus skin. Then I remixed the colour to do the colour of one of the children. Oupps! Forgot- Jesus has a foot in the picture- and I had already remixed to a new colour... Amateur ;/ 
tried to fix it, not perfect, but ok. ;D
Painted som more hair and skin. Hesitated with the girl to the left. She has long hair. Here, no one has
long hair. The longest hair would be about one centimeter, if you see a Rwandan girl with long hair, she
has had hair extensions made.  Ok, so Jesus loves all children and I want that to be shown also, so I
decided to keep her long hair and make her "European", like me when I was a child going to preschool.
The paint had not dried, but photo was taken and then it was time for bed. Yawn...
Result so far (sorry for the bad light):
Today I hope to finish the second part of the painting and start on the third - the crucifixion and
the resurrection.

More to come... update tonight if internet allows. (see below)

Photos copyright Anna-Maria Tuftström
Free to use within The Salvation Army
Photos No:1,2,3 from search: "The Salvation Army Crest" on google
Update Wednesday May 1 Labour day, National Holiday - Free from CHQ work :D
Time for painting...
Back to the mess in my living room :)
Finished the part 2 "Jesus loves the children" and started on the grave part. It was a bit
tricky to get it painted, big areas to paint and I fell for the temptation to do shades in the
coloring... oupps..
Oh, well, back to coloring book style, stop with the perspectives...

It all took some time to do, so before doing the crucifixion part we went to
lunch out on the town. Turkish iskender kebab, youghurt and tomatosauce-we are very happy 
that after a long time of advertising, now the Turkish fast food restaurant has opened in the
City of Kigali. Then a Latte at Café Bourbon. What a treat!

The painting is almost finished, only the three crosses to paint...
I have put three "amaroma" flowers in the painting because here in Rwanda it is the
"peace flower". It is a very common flower and used for weddings, funerals, as decoration
on the dinner table, when visiting the memorial places for the Genocide in 1994...
everywhere this beautiful flower (lily) is present as a reminder and encoragement of peace.
I also had to paint some grass and the stone that Jesus is sitting on... and a piece of
the pink dress that I skipped unintentionally ;/
and- voila! Done, Completed, Finished!
Now, the question is... should I do anything else for the faces- should I fill in the mouths
and eyes, or just let it be like that???
And I probably will not write anything, I think, maybe a small text in one of the corners just
to tell what words I used or inspiration in the beginning of this project. Joh 3:16...
For so loved God the world that He gave them His only Son
so that they would not perish but have eternal life
Photos copyright Anna-Maria Tuftström
Free to use within The Salvation Army


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