A baby is born and many more has come...

We just got a new born baby girl! Well, not my husband and I but one of our young Lieutenant couples.
She is so beautiful. Joy is her name.
And when I opened the packages from Sweden I was amazed of the beautiful dolls that Ida and her friends have given to our children in preschool. Thank you so much for them. I showed them to the staff at CHQ and they wanted to bring them home, they had not seen African baby dolls - and they smiled and were very happy to see baby dolls with African looks.
And if you compare the looks of the dolls with our new born baby...
They do look alike don´t they <3
Now I will let the dolls stay in my room for a while and when I go out to preschools that The Salvation Army is in charge of I will surprise them with this gift. ( Maybe I could get a photo of Ida and some of her friends to tell the story of how they collected all this money; baking, saving, selling...  You can always send photos to skolkyrkan@hotmail.com by using www.wetransfer.com)
But there was even some drawing material, pens and crayons - these I will use as prizes and encouragement. For example the Section Officers could give them in the end of the year to a student who has perfomed well. The nice packages will come in very handy for occasions like that... 
And then there was... oupps, no photo - all gone- We ate it all!
-Yes, there was some Swedish candy also for us in the Tuftstrom family and we just loved it.
Have a nice day out there in the world!
Photographs by Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Copyright  by photographer. Free to use within the Salvation Army


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