At the (new) beginning PART 2

Now we are on the GO! We have started taking our commitment in this village to another level. We are now building a small hall for the Salvation Army. As said earlier we will not afford to build it all - the priority is to build a nice and solid foundation with good cornerpillars and a tin roof (You can see the drawing in the last blog on this subject). Mudbricks for the walls are made by the people in the village and dries in the sun.

They will last for several years, but we will need to exchange them for real bricks when
we have enough funding. It will then be good to have the solid foundation, so that we can
 only replace the walls, and not have to build a whole new house. :)  Here you can see how
stones/rocks are put together with mud. Everything is done by hand, no mashines anywhere.
There is no access to water in the village so the workers have to carry water for six kilometres
to make the mudbricks and to make the cement mix for the concrete flooring... Such hard work.
On this foundation there will be concrete, so the floor will be a solid ground and not by mud.
Project Officer and Finance Administrator are looking at the foundation work that the builders have started.
All salvationists and villagers are involved in this project. Some are now employed by
the contractor (who is a salvationist in the village)  so this project also help in doing so.
The villagers are helping as much as they can, they are happy for the hall, especially
because the children will be able to attend preschool in this new building.
There will not be any electricity in the house due to the fact the village is not connected to the power station and also because it is expensive to put in in for future needs. We will have to wait and see for when the day comes with power to the village.
Below you can meet Sylvestre, he has now a building job. He is a salvationist and has finished secondary school. He speaks English, and very good, so he approached us and asked for a job as a preschool teacher. Well, if we get sponsors for Rubirizi, maybe we could give him a job, I have told him to write a letter with Curriculum Vita and if there is need for a teacher somewhere, CHQ will have his name in the files.
 More news will come!
Photos and copyright: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Free to use within the Salvation Army


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