Uniform Celebration Day

-Together we save to get uniforms!
When we met for Officers refresher course a couple of months ago, our leaders in Burundi, Section Officers Majors Moureen and Japheth asked the Sponsorship Department if there was any way they could ask for help to get funding for uniforms. They told us how very many, several hundreds of the salvationists and Junior Soldiers in Burundi does not own a uniform. Not because they don´t want to, but because they cannot afford to get one. Many of our members are  poor, if they shop clothes, they buy second hand at the market... I asked them to write a Concept Note, so that I could get more information about the situation. I also said that if we can get this approved as a project, it could take more than a year, maybe many more if a donor would be interested to help out. 
So parallell to writing the Concept Note we encourage the salvationists to start saving whatever they can. Now we have started the Uniform Celebration Campaign... Hopefully, this will help encourage to start saving up for shirt/skirt/pants, epilettes and tie/brooch for both Junior Soldiers and adult Salvationists.
We have made book marks that the slavationist can put in the Bible and every month see how much they can save and together with treasurer/Corps Leader reach for the sky!
For the children, it is not easy to help them, their parents cannot afford buying uniforms, so we hope that a donor will come forward, pick up the Concept Note proposal and want to support the 160 young members that are in the "vulnerable" category. 
Photos and layout posters/banners:
Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Free to share within the Salvation Army. (Please send an email to us for information/permission)


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