A day at the office...

A day at the office... Yes, just enjoing myself showing you what a great day we had :)
Yesterday we accomplished a great deal. First we were able to get the gas cooker for
CHQ Officers´quarters at Batsinda, Kigali

then buy all (ALL! Yeah!) kitchen utensils for the food program at Rubirizi preschool. From
January we will have a kitchen so we can implement a food program in that preschool too,
thank you for assisting, dear sponsors!
we could now "harvest"  60 of the babyplants that our gardener Michel has prepared to be
planted outside Batsinda Salvation Army Hall in Kigali.
Captains Obed and Dyna Tungo are part CHQ staff, but also in charge of  Batsinda Corps.
Now they together with the salvationists will start planting the hedge around the piece of land.
Our gardener will now start a fresh, so we will have new "baby" plants to put in place in
three months time, to cover the big piece of land.
Nice when "Everything happens as you planned them to" Halleluia!


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