Education for Christmas, grandma'?

(Three wise men...)
I don´t know how it is in your family
maybe you always find exciting and perfect gifts for birthdays and for Christmas? I am not good at such things- usually I end up buying nothing or even asking the person what they want me to get for them...

So if you lack ideas for Christmas, I have an idea!
May be you could give away a kitchen, a classroom or a latrine?
That would help the Salvation Army to change the lives of 100 children here.
In Rwimiyaga we assist a preschool in Rwimiyaga run by a parents Committe. It is placed in a run down Community hall and it is a bit of a struggle to share it with all other activities that the Community is running there.
At least one or two times a week, the children have to go outside due to Community activities like vaccinations, information from local government and so on.
Now we have an opportunity, thanks to a Youth Project, to build a small multipurpose hall. We would like to move the preschool from the Community hall to this new hall, but then we need some extra funding. Total sum would come to USD 6400, so we are now starting to save. Every dollar is helping, so if you are doing a fundraiser or a Collection in the cafeteria or lunch room, it helps :)

Give preschool education to the Children
here and at the same time give a Christmas gift to your friend/family?
  -"Dear grandma, this year I give you a part of a classroom for children at Salvation Army preschool in Rwanda"
Sounds interesting?
Every dollar/kr/franc is helpful, we will start building with whatever funding we have and continue part for part as funding is available. The salvationists and families in the village will also contribute with Labour and some materials, so they are involved to build a better future for their Children.
1 Square meter brick wall incl cement         500 SEK     USD 80       50000 RWF
1 Square cement floor (ground and floor)    350 SEK      USD 56      35000 RWF
1 roof metal sheet                                        70 SEK       USD 12      7000 RWF 
1 roof beam                                                 40 SEK        USD 7        4000 RWF
1 side door metal                                        750 SEK      USD 120    75000 RWF
1 double door for entrance                         1500 SEK     USD 240   150000 RWF 
1 metal window (exkl glass)                        650 SEK      USD 104    650000 RWF
If you look around on the blog you can also find other "presents" to give; maybe a contribution to the animal bank, or do a regular sponsorship for a year or so...

Get in touch with The Salvation Army Sponsorship Secretary in your country and they will help you celebrate the Christmas joy in all kinds of ways.
Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Sponsorship Secretary


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