Now we are on the way!

Today we signed the contract with the contractor to build the multipurpose Hall with an annex for classroom for preschool and teachers lounge/storage! Thanks to donors for preschools and for a youth project and collections from you dear sponsors, we can now start building. We still need more funding for the classroom, but we will start with the ground and cement floor and solid corner pillars, and if funding comes, we can put burnt bricks in the walls.
The roof will be in metal sheeting, to let the sunshine in we will put plastic sheet in some places in the roof.
Now, the contractor believes it can be completed in January, if the rain keeps away :) Wow, finally, we say!
It has taken such long time (saying I as I am an impatient person) to first find three different lands to choose from, then to find a land we want and that has the correct ownership papers etc. After that, the bying itself takes time, lawyers, government, buyer and seller to get all documentation done correctly and "bulletproof".
When that was finalized the building itself... well, now we have completed all the "paperwork" and will enter the practicals.
Soon and very soon, here the buildings will stand, we will be able to decorate and finally invite children and youth to activities, preschool, fellowship and teachings and discussion groups.  I am impatient and eager to stand in the door saying:
Mj Anna-Maria


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