How do you want your hair, mama?

Soon, very soon, there will be a hairdressing saloon in Runda, Kigali. For many years this
was a "Concept Note", a project looking for funding, but this last year it was approved by
a donor country in The Salvation Army. The building is now under construction and on
Monday Oct 8 2013 we went there to have a look at the progress.
Together with us from the Rwanda CHQ Project Office, Jan Janssen from the Holland/
Netherlands Project Department, came to see this and other projects.
Below, from the left: Lieutenant Jean Baptiste, Corps Officer at Runda Corps, Mr Francois,
Project Administrator, Project Officer Jan Janssen, NL, Project Officer Major Robert Tuftstrom
(I hope you saw the wonderful view behind the house...)
The children in the area had to walk for a very long distance, all the way to Kigali to be able
to do the mandatory haircut for school each term. This was dangerous and expensive, and
the community asked if someone could open a saloon closer to the village. The Corps Leader
than asked CHQ Projects Department if we could do a Salvation Army project, building one
in the village. This was some years back, but now we are on our way.
When the saloon is complete, with water, furnishing, equipment etc  a hairdresser will be able
to get his/her livelyhood through this saloon.
Some of the local children were very curious and came to join us :)

The hairdresser will at the same time be a teacher, training others to become hairdressers,
so that this project can be a small vocational training of hairdressers.
Today we looked at the doors, windows, the ground, the concrete quality, the water system
and everything that needs to be in place properly.

The building will be on the Salvation Army land, very close to the hall and Officers Quarters.
The Salvation Army Hall is also the place where the Parents Committee Preschool meet,
so they will have a very short walk to get their hair done :D
Well, I think we are done for this time. Next time, we hope to enjoy a complete saloon in function.
Until we meet again, bless you, dear reader!
Anna-Maria/ Sponsorship Sec
Copyright: Photos and text Anna-Maria Tuftstrom/The Salvation Army Rwanda and Burundi Command
All use of text and photos allowed only within the Salvation Army



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