Runda Parents Committee school

Some twenty minutes outside of Kigali, capital of Rwanda, we find the village of Runda.
Here the Salvation Army started some pioneer work in late 1990s.Today the Salvation Army
officers,  Lieutenants Jean Baptiste and Mary Rose are stationed here.
They are just starting their own little family, here you can see Joy, their first born.
Through Faith Based Fascilitation programthe Corps asked the Community
what was needed in the area, and the response was loud and clear:
-" PRESCHOOL, we need to give our children a better chance in life, so we want a preschool"
The villagers, leaders and the Salvation Army then started a preschool, based on the parents.
They are in charge of paying the two teachers, Jeaninne and Francoise a small salary and
do that by all families agreeing to pay school fees.

The preschool meets in the Salvation Army Hall since that is the only good hall with enough
space for 55 children in two classes, P1 and P2. The committee asked to wear the Salvation Army
school uniform, so they pay for fabric and goes to a tailor to have it made. Some children
cannot afford this, so they will not be wearing it. At Christmas 2012  we were able to give all
preschool children in Rwanda a T-shirt,  "I love preschool" thanks to a "Share your Christmas"
project from Sweden (see other blog entry) and many now use it as a school uniform :).

27 six year olds will now leave preschool with a diploma and start Primary school in January,
so then new children will start to fill up the gap.
Here in Runda, we have no sponsorship to offer.
The families do a great job, they do whatever they can to give some extra funding for pencils
and books to write in and some material, but they cannot afford to give porridge or food
during the day. This and school uniforms are their biggest challanges, they say.
We were very happy for a big Christmas gift last year from US, that made it possible for
the parents committee to buy a black board, material and toys for the school.
If you know that you would like to help this school, contact the Salvation Army Department
for Sponsorship in your country. They will assist you to help this little preschool.
Just to give some estimations I can inform you of some costs. Maybe you can collect some
money in the lunch room at your work or make a Collection at school or put a jar on the
kitchen table putting all "small coins" in there and save up. You can also become a regular
sponsor, on your own or with a bunch of happy people helping together :)

What your gift could achieve here and now…

A note book, pencil and crayons                              2.50
A piglet                                                                     25
Porridge, 1 month, 1 child                                        10
A school uniform                                                      9
Childrens books in English                                      5-15
A cook, 1 month / 1 year                                         50/ 600
A teacher, 1 month/ 1year                                       58-75/ 696-900
Rent for kitchen, 1 month/1 year                             33/ 400 
A church/school building in a rural area                  4600
(mud bricks, no electricity, only latrines)
A school building in a city                                         250 000 
(burnt bricks, special regulations about electricity, sanitation etc)

To these costs we always have to add banking fees- banks will charge for sending/receiving the money here, usually between $US 20-30. It is wisely to ask for assistance from the Sponsorship Department in your country, so they can send a larger sum, otherwise gifts can be "lost in fees"

Anna-Maria/ Sponsorship Sec
Copyright: Photos and text Anna-Maria Tuftstrom/The Salvation Army Rwanda and Burundi Command
All use of text and photos allowed only within the Salvation Army



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