The visual impaired sticks are coming to a use

So we received a gift. A beautiful gift. I don´t know how your every day life looks like,
but mine is a pretty simple one. I wake up, I make breakfast and then I go out to work.
 - I can see and smell and move my body, it is a blessing. For some, though, life has
been a challenge, not having the possibility to have full health. Some will be blind, or deaf,
or maybe have a muscle or a part of the body that is not working...
As I said, we received a gift.

Five white sticks. A salvationist officer collected some money together with friends to be
able to send us these sticks. We will now meet with our blind friend and together with his
friends present our work and hand over these sticks to persons that cannot afford to get a
stick by own means.
For me, who has never even used such a stick, I must confess, I´m impressed. Lot´s of
small details and Hmmm, I do not know how to use the manual... but I know the people
at the visual impaired Group will, so I trust them to know.

So, dear friends, we will let you know how this turns out. Thank you so much for giving us
this chance to get to know the friends in the Visual Impaired Group. Be blessed.

Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
(can be used after permission (just send an e-mail)  for Salvation Army Media)



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