Rwimiyaga Multipurpose hall with preschool annex

 On January 6 we visited the construction of the Rwimiyaga Youth Project multipurpose hall.

Due to heavy rain and storms the Construction work is still ongoing and will be completed
in February. We can already see that the building was there,
There were many workers on the scene,

and the roof was in place  (except for the light sheets) and it is looking good :)
It is a beautiful area with a great view.
There will be electricity in the hall and we are waiting for water to be available too.
The workers are now preparing for the latrines and as you can see, The Project Officer
seems to be happy with the progress

The men are digging a 25 m deep hole before building thesmall house.

It is a serious work, they climb down and put dirt in a bucket that other workers bring to
the surface, digging deeper and deeper.

We were also able to add an annex in the end of the building so that the preschool children
can be divided in two groups. The door leads to a 3,5x5 m classroom

... and if you enter from the opposite side you will find a small office and storage for the

To have a preschool we need to provide classrooms and latrines so we are doing good!
We have a food program at the preschool, so when we move to the new building we also
have to build a kitchen. Thanks to Sponsorship we are now on the way building that too.
We will not have to rent a kitchen anymore, and it will be used for not only preschool, but
for youth program and for the church business.

Updated with photos 16 Jan 19:35
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used by The Salvation Army centers/media after permission. Please send e-mail to us and we will get you original photos to work with :)


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