Rwimiyaga Youth project and preschool hall update 22 January 2014

Here is an update from last week. We can now see some more work has been done and
we are eagerly waiting... Enjoy!
Here the building for the latrines are coming along well
And the hall is almost complete.

This is the annex of the hall, the two windows on the right is for the classroom...
Major Wenche and Mr Per is visiting us this week from Jeloy Folk High School, a school run by
The Salvation Army in Norway.
and the one window to the left is for the teachers room and preschool storage.
 Major Wenche and  Mr Per, a teacher, are here to see if it is possible to have some students
come for a class next year "Destination East Africa", doing preschool work, youth and
Community work for a month or so.

Now the "see through" plastic sheets are in place and the sun can shine and light up the hall :)
The kitchen now has a roof, doors and windows
A little peek into the kitchen and storage
The plastic sheets are not in place yet, so it is still dark in the rooms.

...and windows are in place, the glass will be put in last.

So we are doing some progress - now we are unpatient to get this hall up and running,
so the children and youth can finally have their programs up and running.
When I visisted the preschool children this day at the Community hall, they had been
pushed out of the hall  because the TSA preschool was to be opened by now.
For now they have preschool in a small office room (2,5x4 m), all 80 Children :/
Not easy for them, but they are happy for the new school so the teachers said it is ok
as they will soon move out of there to the beautiful hall.

Be blessed!
Photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Copyright text and photos: Anna-Maria Tuftstrom
Can be used by The Salvation Army by permission for information and fundraising.
Just send us an email and we´ll get you originals of photos :)


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