Distribution of Preschool Materials and Equipment in our 9 Preschools.

On 28 April we visited Rubuye, Catherine Booth Kayenzi,,Rutobwe ,Bitare na Runda preschool. Some we manage to get the children but others no, because we reached when they had already left for lunch. But we manage to get the Administrators of the Preschools. We have just arrived at Rubuye Preschool and the children are anxious to see us. They are standing near their hall where they usually take their lessons.
The Children, the teacher, and the administrator are happy to us and they see as if it is manna from heaven because they always struggle on their own with the parents. Rubuye is not sponsored and they wish one day they get a sponsor to make them happy like today. Captain Violet Nyongesa Sponsorship Secretary talking to them.
Handing over the materials to the Preschool and each child is holding something either a book, pencil pen paperclips etc.
The first picture is the proposed classrooms for Rutobwe Preschool and the second is the salvation army hall where children are learning for the time being. In the picture is the section officer of Kigali corps but the administrator to Rubirizi preschool together with the Education secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha.
 In Ritobwe we got when the children had break for Lunch and therefor we had to give the materials to the teacher and the Lt Bosco who is the administrator.


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