Preschool Reporting and distribution of Preschools Materials and Equipmentsorting

On 24.04.2015 was a great day with the section officers coming to CHQ for preschools reporting. The meeting started with a word of God from our General secretary encouraging them on the importance of having a preschool. There after, we embarked on the business that brought us together, That is checking all the receipts books Bank accounts Finance book journal, activities done in the preschools, review the previous budgets and also progressive reports. The people who were checking all tis were the Sponsorship Secretary Captain Violet Nyongesa,Education secretary Captain Dancille Mukafuraha,and the Finance secretary Captain Leonard Nyongesa.
There after  we shared food together and everyone was to leave at his or her own pleasure.
On 27.04.2015 we distributed Preschool Materials such a s exercise books,Pencils,Blue pens ,Black Pens, Red pens, Blackboard erasers, blackboard dusters, Drawing books, Paper Clips,Chailks, Glue, Basins, Cooking Pots, Jugs Plastic cups, small towels, Story books,  Registers, note books, Attendance records, Lesson plan books. We also visited Rubirizi preschool with Hanna Brand Vick from IHQ who came to inspect the project I Rubirizi since it is sponsored by the Sweden/Latvia territory.
This are Materials and Equipments for 9 Preschools.and they were very happy for the donation from our sponsors May God bless you abundantly and never lack anything..
 These is Preschool reporting with he |Sections Officers and the officers of Rutobwe preschool who is the administrator now together with the Officer of Runda preschool who are now newly sponsored. we say thank you to our sponsors.
 After, we had fellowship to


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