The child without uniform is total orphan no one to take care of him. He depends on the preschool where he gets happiness.
It was wonderful visiting Rubuye Preschool that is none sponsored but only supported by the parents.  03.09.2016 was a good day for me and the Education coordinator plus the section officer to visit Rubuye in order to see what is going on there. But our main aim was to take them Preschool materials e.g. books, pencils, pens and so many other things. It has 44 children attending the Preschool with two teachers. The parents are really struggling to pay the teachers and they pray that one day they will get someone to lean on. We had wonderful time with the children as shown below. There are so many challenges they are facing. Like paying the teachers, no classrooms and the government have warned them not to start the year in the hall. We are praying that they get help from well wishes, The school has nice children and competent teachers


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