In 2012, after seeing that there was a challenge of children who were in the community, without any proper care the Salvation Army, Rubuye outpost encouraged the parents to start a preschool using the hall of the Salvation Army. It started with 100 children. It has now 1 teacher. This school is self supporting; there is no other source of income apart from school fees which is very low. This money is used to pay the teacher. They don’t have classrooms, playground, they don’t have feeding programme and some children just come from home without taking anything because of poverty
Rubuye preschool is in the southern Part of Rwanda in Kamonyi District.  The area did not have  a preschools around since the children were walking long distance to school and very early which is not safe to them. The parents committee is put in place to for see the development of the school and to make sure that the parents are paying school fees for their children so that the teachers can get their salaries.
Rubuye preschool is not sponsored by the salvation Army, but it assists them to get learning materials and other things things like desks and chairs as we did this year from the donations sent to us from AUs territory. we also provided them porridge for one term
the school has 80 Children attending the preschool from 43 children last year. You see the number is really growing tremendously. The school is really struggling on their own to pay the teachers, but it's not easy to them. sometimes the teachers do not get all their salaries but they never stop working. They are committed.
The school is facing challenges of classrooms and the government has given them warning not to use the hall as classroom but have separate place for the children.


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